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Have you ever watched your favourite content creators and game streamers and wondered if you could do the same? The truth is you absolutely can! With widespread accessibility to the Internet and a basic smartphone, almost anyone stands a chance of becoming an overnight Internet sensation. Throw a computer and a fun game into the mix, and you may very well be the next Pewdiepie! Instead of leaving success to chance, however, the first-of-its-kind Logitech G Content Creators Academy is here to help aspiring young creators become “the next big thing”.

Kicking off in October 2020, the Logitech G Content Creators Academy is a truly unique competition aimed at nurturing the skills of young and aspiring content creators. After all, starting up is easy enough, but understanding how to produce engaging content, as well as getting your foot in the door with the local gaming industry, are slightly more daunting tasks.

With the Logitech G Content Creators Academy, you could be the next face of Logitech G in South Africa! Better still, you would have the opportunity to further inspire, engage and uplift local gaming communities with your content.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Internet star and face of a famous gaming brand, then getting a spot in the Logitech G Content Creators Academy is a must! This is why we implore all local creators to sign up and compete for a chance of being chosen.

In order to stand a chance of winning a spot in this first-of-its-kind initiative, all you need to do is click here to enter, and keep an eye on the Logitech Facebook Page, where more details will be revealed. Creators do need to be active on at least two (2) social platforms, of which Streaming platforms also count, and all creators must be eighteen years or older. If you abide by those rules, you are good to go to stand the chance of becoming one of eight finalists who will be coached by local industry pundits, Sam “Tech Girl” Wright and Dangerous Dave from Super2Bit.

Entries for the competition will open on 9 October 2020, and close on 23 October. Logitech G will choose and train eight (8) finalists on 30 October 2020. These finalists will receive a combination of technical, writing, and social skills once the Logitech G Content Creators Academy commences on 1 November 2020. It will run through to 15 December, after which two chosen winners will work with Logitech G on a six-month contract. A full breakdown of the competition, Content Creator’s Academy, and follow-through can be found below.

While Logitech G is renowned for its quality peripherals and video gaming accessories, the brand ultimately wants to uplift the young, up and coming gaming community. The Logitech G Content Creators Academy aims to engage with the community and encourage communal learning. It is a call to action for fledgling creators to rise up and show the world what South Africa has to offer.

Whether you are a budding Trophy Hunter who would like to help others hunt their own; a tech enthusiast who loves to unbox and review the latest and greatest budget peripherals; or even a young journalist who wants to enter the video gaming industry, while vlogging every second of it, chances are this initiative is for you. As long as you love video games and content creation, then we want to see you enter – what do you have to lose?

Competition Dates

Terms & Conditions

  • Finalists are chosen at the sole discretion of Logitech G
  • Contractual obligations will be discussed with the chosen content creators and contract value may vary depending on the performance
  • Logitech G has right of first refusal once 8 Finalists are announced
  • Any prizes or equipment is not transferable for cash
  • Entries are free
  • Entrants must be active on more than 2 Social Platforms (stream and social platforms are the same things)
  • Show your voice in your entry! We are looking for a truly South African perspective.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or older

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