With the advent of mobile gaming and the increased interest from mainstream avenues, gaming has grown more accessible over the years. These days consoles with 4K Ultra-high definition capabilities cost half as much as enthusiast gaming computers. Even then, computer gaming hardware is also growing increasingly budget-friendly as more brands try to accommodate the nature of the growing gaming market. Now that a new Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading and affecting all of us in some way, brands are growing even more conscious of the various gamers stuck at home. Logitech G wants to alleviate the pains of being stuck at home with their wonderful new #PlayAtHome campaign (details below).

For as long as I can remember, I have used Logitech products for computing and gaming. I fondly remember upgrading my little Logitech and mouse keyboard combo for actual Logitech G gaming peripherals, and I have never looked back. Since then, my gaming setup has consisted of Logitech G products in pretty much every aspect – except for my monitors. Hans, on the other hand, was a hardcore computer gamer early on in his life, until his interests took a more academic focus. With that said, he has always had a soft spot for Logitech G’s excellent build quality and has always had an extra pair of Logitech G headphones at the ready – whether for gaming on console or PC.

There is no way around the fact that we are all currently partaking in a rather unusual point in history. COVID-19 has changed everything. From the way we communicate to the way we play games – life will seemingly forever be altered by this disease. However, it is the simple pleasures that we cling to in these trying times. Whether venturing out to our balconies or tiny front porches, through to Group FaceTime calls with those we love, life has a way of making us stronger. Especially if we stay home. As such, we need to remind ourselves how we can all make a difference to who COVID-19 impacts – and remain positive in the process.

With this in mind, Logitech G has partnered with us to bring you one of the sweetest deals you can come across. Logitech G wants you to know that whether you hail from the PC Master Race or the Console Warrior Clans, gamers all bleed the same colour. As such, they have put together an awesome deal where you could win a Logitech hamper to the value of R3000! All you need to do is follow a few easy steps.

How to win a Logitech G #PlayAtHomeZA hamper (valued at R3000)

  • Simply head on over to your preferred social media (Twitter or Instagram).
  • Upload an image detailing or showing off your favourite lockdown gaming moment.
  • IMPORTANT: Include the tags #PlayAtHomeZA and #LogitechSA in the caption (feel free to tag @vam3rs too).

Please note: this competition is only open to residents of South Africa, and is set to end whenever the lockdown in South Africa has lifted.

Edward: my current favourite lockdown gaming moment would be using the Logitech G815 keyboard to replay Knights of the Old Republic – which spurred my idea to craft an article detailing ‘10 RPGs that need to be remade‘!

Hans: my current favourite lockdown gaming moment was speaking to my cousin using the Logitech G Pro X headset and screaming in glee as we discovered treasure left by random pirates in Sea of Thieves.

What is your favourite moment? Be sure to let us know on socials!

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