At Vamers, we firmly believe in being open and honest with our readers regarding all aspects of our business relating to the curation, generation, reporting and publication of content.

As such, we have a strict ‘Ethics Policy‘ governing all content creation in order to provide full disclosure to our readers.


  • Vamers may be sent products to use and try for review purposes.
  • Vamers will never agree to produce review content in exchange for product or monetary gain.
  • Vamers does not offer “paid for”/”in lieu of” reviews in any way or form.
  • All of the views expressed on Vamers are the opinions of the authors and are not influenced by monetary gain or free product.
  • Vamers carefully chooses which companies to work with and prefers to accept opportunities with companies sharing similar ethical values.
  • Physical products
    • All reviews of physical products are conducted using either ‘review units’ provided by companies or the products have been purchased at retail and are now owned directly by Vamers.
      • Whether purchased at retail or a review unit, every review discloses where the product was procured from.
    • ‘Review units’ are not owned by Vamers and are always returned to the company once the review process is complete.
      • The nature of receiving review units implies a review will be produced. It is important to note how this exchange is the industry norm and has no bearing on the produced content.
      • There have been rare circumstances whereby Vamers is allowed to keep a physical review item. However, this would occur only after a review has been published and without any prior negotiation. This behaviour is not encouraged, rarely occurs, and is solely at the discretion of the company being worked with. It is important to note how this exchange occurs outside of the review window, and therefore has no bearing on the content produced.

  • Software products
    • All reviews of software products are conducted using either code purchased at physical/digital retail or provided courtesy of the publisher.
    • Whether code is purchased at retail or provided by the publisher, every review discloses where the product was procured from.
    • Unlike physical products, digital only software is often disseminated by means of single use codes. This means:
      • Provided code effectively becomes the property of Vamers.
      • Provided code is, whenever possible, redeemed to a decentralised account not linked to the author conducting the review in order to reduce possible bias.
      • The nature of receiving code implies a review will be produced. It is important to note how this exchange is the industry norm and has no bearing on the produced content.


  • Vamers will always provide transparent disclosure within all generated content.
    • If a review features a product we own, we disclose that information. If the product is a review unit that is returned, we disclose as such. If our writers receive anything “in lieu of” and for any reason, we disclose that information (often noted as #Gifted). Vamers will always function with transparency in order to continue to foster a trusting relationships with our readers. We are proud of the content we produce, and we believe in integrity and honesty.

  • Vamers may, from time to time, produce sponsored or “paid for” content.
    • This is content Vamers has been paid to produce.
      • Payment may be monetary based or in lieu of a product or service.
    • All “paid for content” is clearly marked with the word “sponsored”.
      • For written content, “sponsored” appears in a banner within the written post along with a “sponsored” tag.
      • Video content will have a “sponsored” label displayed during the course of the video.
      • Sponsored content on social media will have a “#sponsored” or “#ad” hashtag. 
      • Vamers does not accept any form of payment for review purposes.

  • Vamers run competitions are subject to unbiased winner selection by means of and Rafflecopter. 
    • All entries into competitions requiring a creative answer and/or subjective selection are narrowed down to three of the “best” entries as deemed by the Vamers crew (put to majority vote by all permanent staff members).
    • For competitions featuring prizes sponsored by third-parties, Vamers will send the aforementioned ‘narrowed down’ entries to the relevant sponsor for final winner selection.

Vamers is committed to providing quality content that is unbiased and fair to our readers and staff. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

First enacted: 30 May 2016

Last updated: 03 March 2022