Thursday, May 28, 2020


Sony offers PlayStation 5 deep dive into the system’s specifications

Sony's lead system architect is spearheading a live presentation about the specifications of the forthcoming PlayStation 5 console. Watch it live here.

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Review – A great option for gamers!

Thanks to the addition of the HERO sensor, the Logitech G703 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse has become the simplest, yet most effective wireless gaming greatness.

Must-have Chromebook apps to improve your experience

Figuring out which apps you should get for your brand-new Chromebook can be daunting. This list of must-have Chromebook apps will improve your experience!

Introducing GETL Podcast by Hans Haupt and Edward Swardt

GETL is a vocal space where you, our dear readers, can tune in and listen to Hans and Edward talk about anything and eveything related to the geekosphere.

Meet the world’s first fully 3D Hentai Camgirl, Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody is the "world's first" fully 3D Hentai Camgirl, & she is taking the pornography industry by a storm - much to the chagrin of human performers

The Vamers Top 10 Posts of 2019

December 2019 marks the end of both the year, and the decade. Let us usher it in with a look back at the Vamers Top 10 Posts of 2019.

These Xbox Series X memes are glorious

Microsoft finally took the veil off of their next gen. consoles. Naturally, the Internet went wild and the subsequent Xbox Series X memes are glorious.

The Top Five Game Awards 2019 announcements

The Game Awards 2019 has come and gone! It was an action packed event, and we have selected the Top Five announcements from the event.

Acer Predator Helios 300 Review – entry-level enthusiast bliss

The Acer Predator Helios 300 may tehcnically be an entry level gaming laptop, but it delivers enthusiast performance and power.

Sony Alpha 9 II now available in South Africa

Sony South Africa says its new flagship Sony Alpha 9 II will be available at all leading retailers starting later in December 2019!

Turtle Beach 2019 festive deals ensure there is a headset for everyone

These Turtle Beach 2019 festivel deals ensures there is an option for every type of gamer or user, from surround sound gaming, to bassy stereo.

Fan builds custom Lightsaber Controller for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Twitch streamer Rudeism built one of the coolest things ever: a custom Lightsaber Controller for use in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order!

Buy Xbox games using Vodacom airtime – Simple and easy!

Whether you are on prepaid, or get a monthly bill, Microsoft and Vodacom are bridging the digital divide: you can now buy Xbox games using Vodacom airtime.

PDP Gaming 2019 festive deals offer great value for money

These PDP Gaming 2019 festive deals include ultra slim charging packs, premium headsets, and holiday bundles for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Sweet Acer Black Friday 2019 deals you do not want to miss

Looking for a new gaming laptop, a monitor, or just a new laptop that can get you through the day? These Acer Black Friday 2019 deals might be for you.

Great Xbox One Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday deals

Thanks to Prima Interactive, we now have an idea of what Xbox Black Friday 2019 deals to expect during the weekend, through to Cyber Monday.

Razer Viper Review – Striking a decent balance

The new Razer Viper is a decent entry-level gaming mouse that strikes a nice balance between budget, design and functionality.

Razer Kraken X Review – Budget is the only good thing it does

Razer Kraken X is the newest budget headset from the gaming peripheral giant. It is a pity then, how its entry level price is the only thing it does well.

AirPods Pro South Africa – Launching 25 Nov, pre-orders open

Apple's all new AirPods Pro fully wireless earbuds arrive in South Africa on 25 November for the cool price of only R3999.

Nintendo Switch Lite Review – Crown Prince of Portable Gaming!

The new Nintendo Switch Lite is the lighter, cheaper, and better-looking (to us, at least) smaller brother of the Nintendo Switch. But is it worth it?

Latest Articles

South Korean Football Club uses Sex Dolls to fill its stadium

A South Korean Football Club is in hot water for accidentally using Sex Dolls as crowd stand-ins to fill a stadium for a match during the COVID19 pandemic.

Handsome R Pats: World’s most beautiful man, according to Science

The world's most beautiful man is the handsome R Pats - at least according to a new scientific method of mapping faces to the Golden Ratio.

Meet Melusi, the first Rainbow Six Siege South African operator

Thandiwe "Melusi" Ndlovu is the first ever Rainbow Six Siege South African operator, and she brings both a heart of gold, and a deep hatred of poaching.

5 reasons why you should play Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave

Operation Steel Wave introduces two new operators, an operator rework, a map rework, and an entire MMR rework, among many other new additions!

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review – Excellent console RTS!

Sid Meier's Civilization VI has finally been ported to console, and you know what? It is the best RTS console port I have ever played.

Latest Reviews

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Review – Excellent console RTS!

Sid Meier's Civilization VI has finally been ported to console, and you know what? It is the best RTS console port I have ever played.

Someday You’ll Return Review – Horror around every corner

Someday You'll Return is a psychological horror game set along a beautiful hiking trial. Not all is at it seems, however, as things quickly take a u-turn.

The Shattering Review – Monochrome Blues

The Shattering explores trauma and its effects on the psyche, but does it have the genre definining chops to engage and entertain?

Gears Tactics Review – XCOM Redefined

Gears Tactics takes the XCOM playbook and strives to reinvent the award-winning formula by injecting some Gears of War into it... and it is sublime!

Logitech G Pro Keyboard Review – Compact long-term companion

The Logitech G Pro Keyboard is a tenkeyless, compact, and robust professional gaming peripheral meant for esports and gamers who care about space.