Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Xbox Series X

US $499 / ZAR R11999




  • Quick Resume is a game changer!
  • Premium packaging & design with a solid build
  • Dead quiet & cool to the touch
  • Very easy to use & setup
  • 120 FPS is great


  • Fingerprint magnet
  • 120 FPS needs HDMI 2.1 TV/monitor


Xbox Series X Review – Platform Power Play

Microsoft's Xbox Series X is incredibly quiet, well built, wonderfully unassuming, incredibly fast and filled with untold potential. For a new console, the Xbox Series X currently offers one of the best places to invest in Microsoft's maturing ecosystem.

Xbox Series X Unboxing – Premium Look, Feel & Experience

Disclosure: Microsoft provided the Xbox Series X for review. We are under no obligation to produce content, and...

Razer Huntsman Mini Review – Incredible 60% gaming keyboard!

Small form factor hardware is growing increasingly popular. For the longest time, the Tenkeyless keyboard was considered the...

Logitech G102 Lightsync Review – Great bang for buck

The Logitech G102 Lightsync is a sturdy entry-level mouse perfect for gamers looking for a long-term purchase on a budget.

Logitech G733 Lightspeed Review – Wirelessly Limited

The Logitech G733 Lightspeed is genuinely a trendy-looking headset. The colour options are nice-to-have and its headband plus head strap design, coupled with soft memory foam pads, make it exceptionally comfortable when resting. The most fundamental issue with the G733 Lightspeed lies with how shallow the cups are. My ears permanently connected with the inside of the cups, which resulted in immense discomfort after a few hours with it. The mic is admirable, but nothing to write home about, while the surround sound virtualisation is on-par with the best Logitech has to offer. Ultimately the Logitech G733 Lightspeed has enough to keep it from falling to the wayside, but no magic. It is wireless only, which limits the headset to PC, MacOS and PS4. It is the third headset featuring the Blue VO!CE technology, which is a nice plus. The challenge, however, is figuring out exactly who the headset is for? With a suggested retail price of $129, it is baffling to imagine it competing with the similarly priced and far superior Logitech G Pro X.

Five of the best illuminated manhole covers from Tokorozawa, Japan

While decorated manhole covers are a common sight throughout Japan, Illuminated Manhole Covers from Tokorozawa is the new big thing.

Data Never Sleeps: how much data do we generate per minute? [2020]

This Data Never Sleeps infographic from cloud software company Domo proves that constant data consumption has skyrocketed over the past year.

[email protected] 2020 – Five Best Announcements

[email protected] 2020 has come and gone! Here are our favourite new announcements from the company, some of which will awe and inspire.

Off-Facebook Activity tool exposes how insecure your browsing really is

Your Off-Facebook Activity is finally available for you to browse, manage, and turn off... if you worry about privacy online.

Facebook Quiet Mode lets you quit the app, briefly [+ how to turn on]

In order to battle social media fatigue, a new Facebook Quiet Mode is rolling out that will allow users to quieten Facebook, albeit briefly, during the day.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review – Exceptional Gaming Mouse

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate leads the Basilisk lineup with premium features meant for enthusiast gamers, including DPI steps, wheel resistance, and more.

PlayStation 5 – Everything you need to know!

Sony has finally released the technical specifications of the PlayStation 5, and more. Here is everything you need to know about the brand new console.

Sony offers PlayStation 5 deep dive into the system’s specifications

Sony's lead system architect is spearheading a live presentation about the specifications of the forthcoming PlayStation 5 console. Watch it live here.

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Review – A great option for gamers!

Thanks to the addition of the HERO sensor, the Logitech G703 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse has become the simplest, yet most effective wireless gaming greatness.

Must-have Chromebook apps to improve your experience

Figuring out which apps you should get for your brand-new Chromebook can be daunting. This list of must-have Chromebook apps will improve your experience!

Introducing GETL Podcast by Hans Haupt and Edward Swardt

GETL is a vocal space where you, our dear readers, can tune in and listen to Hans and Edward talk about anything and eveything related to the geekosphere.

Meet the world’s first fully 3D Hentai Camgirl, Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody is the "world's first" fully 3D Hentai Camgirl, & she is taking the pornography industry by a storm - much to the chagrin of human performers

The Vamers Top 10 Posts of 2019

December 2019 marks the end of both the year, and the decade. Let us usher it in with a look back at the Vamers Top 10 Posts of 2019.

These Xbox Series X memes are glorious

Microsoft finally took the veil off of their next gen. consoles. Naturally, the Internet went wild and the subsequent Xbox Series X memes are glorious.

The Top Five Game Awards 2019 announcements

The Game Awards 2019 has come and gone! It was an action packed event, and we have selected the Top Five announcements from the event.

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