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From Superman to Ironman; Bill Rizer to Sam Fisher and everything in-between, Edward loves it all. He is a Bachelor of Arts student and English Major specialising in Language and Literature. He is an avid writer and casual social networker with a flare for all things tech related.

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Intergalactic Ice Cream won a 2018 Cartoon Network Creative Labs spot! So much so, we had to see what makes creator Andrew Philips from Punch Monkey tick.

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The Last Autumn is the latest expansion set within the Frostpunk universe. It tells the tale of The Last Autumn, before eternal winter blanketed the earth.

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WB Montreal have been teasing a New Batman Games since early 2018. It is time for them to fess up, because this constant teasing is getting tiresome.

10 Witcher characters Netflix can pull from the books and games

While good, Netflix's Witcher is missing a few characters. Here are 10 Witcher characters for season 2, that Netflix should pull from the books & games.

Replica of Dark Side Rey’s Lightsaber is gorgeous!

EFX Collectibles made Dark Side Rey's Lightsaber. It is the first hinged lightsaber in the mainline movies and looks super weird... but we want it!

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