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From Superman to Ironman; Bill Rizer to Sam Fisher and everything in-between, Edward loves it all. He is a Bachelor of Arts student and English Major specialising in Language and Literature. He is an avid writer and casual social networker with a flare for all things tech related.

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Cosplayer Leon Chiro will be at Comic Con Africa 2019

Hold onto your Spear of Leonidas and your fancy mutant powers! Leon Chiro, the official face of Assassin's Creed Italy, will be at Comic Con Africa 2019.

Apple TV+ South Africa: Yes, it’s coming!

Should you care about Apple TV+ South Africa when the likes of ShowMax and Netflix are established and well priced? Yes, you should and this is why!

Borderlands 3 Unlock – when can you play?

Borderlands 3 unlock times have been revealed! Weirdly, they might make things a bit awkward between console and PC friends.

Greedfall Review: Surpassing Expectations

Greedfall is the latest game from the makers of Bound by Flame and The Technomancer. Is it as good as the former, or as mediocre as the latter?

WRC 8 Review: Not the Kingslayer fans have been waiting for

The official World Rally Championship game is back! WRC 8 returns after two years to bring the world a new officially sanctioned racing sim. So is it good?

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition is finally here!

Marvel's Spider-Man Game of the Year Edition combines The City That Never Sleeps trilogy, and all post-launch Spidey suits, into one cheap package.

Acer Swift 5 is the “world’s lightest 14-inch notebook”

Acer Swift 5 and Swift 3 have been updated with new 10th Gen Intel processors, discrete Nvidia graphics, and massive battery life bumps.

Acer’s Planet9 Esports platform wants to coach gamers into pros

Acer is going all-in on esport accessibility with Planet9: a new esports platform that will allow players of all ranges to become the best they can be.