Rainbow Six Siege is back with another season of thrilling tactical action. Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze introduces a new defender, a new map, and a host of gameplay changes that will shake up the meta. Here is everything you need to know about the new update, with a hands-on preview of the latest operator, Tubarão – a cold climate survival expert!

Tubarão: Survival Expert

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze [Hands On]

Tubarão is the codename of the new operator joining the Wolfguard group, a team of elite mercenaries led by Deimos. Hailing from Portugal, Tubarão is an expert in cold weather operations and survival. His unique gadget is the Zoto Canister, a throwable device releasing freezing gas to slow down enemies, deactivate gadgets, and leave footprints behind. The Zoto Canister can be used to disrupt the attacker’s plans, create traps, and gain intel. Tubarão can also choose from two primary weapons: the MPX submachine gun and the AR-15.50 marksman rifle. His secondary weapon is the P226 Mk 25 pistol, and his secondary gadgets are the Nitro Cell and the Proximity Alarm.

On one hand, playing Tubarão is much easier than many might think. His Zoto Cannister can easily deal with crowd control situations, making it easy to dispose of unsuspecting groups. On the other hand, his gadget may seem quite overpowered at first, but once opposing players get the hang of things, it can easily be dealt with. Top tip: Azami’s throwable shield kunai will stop the canister dead in its tracks.

Welcome to the Lair

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze [Hands On]

Lair is the name of the new map added in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze. It is a secret facility located in a coastal cave in Portugal, where Deimos runs his operations against Rainbow. The map features three floors with four bomb sites, each with a distinct theme and layout. The map has multiple entry points for the attackers, namely from the air, the sea, and the underground tunnels. The map also has a unique aesthetic, combining traditional and futuristic elements, as well as a stunning view of the ocean. Lair is designed to offer a balanced and competitive experience for all players.

Gameplay Changes: Defender AI, Frag Grenade, and more

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze [Hands On]

Operation Deep Freeze also brings some major gameplay changes to Rainbow Six Siege. One of them is the introduction of the Defender AI playlist, a new mode replacing the Training Grounds. In this mode, players can practice their skills against AI-controlled defenders, who will use different operators, gadgets, and strategies. The mode is available in solo or co-op, and has three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Realistic. It also has a scoring system rewarding players for their performance.

Another gameplay change is the rework of the Frag Grenade, one of the most powerful and versatile gadgets in the game. The Frag Grenade has been nerfed to reduce its effectiveness and align it with other gadgets. The main change is here though, is how the Frag Grenade can no longer be cooked, meaning it will always explode after four seconds of being thrown. This gives the defenders more time to react and avoid the blast. It also has a smaller radius and less damage, and can be affected by the Zoto Canister.

Other gameplay changes from Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze include the addition of the Marketplace, a new feature allowing players to buy and sell cosmetic items with in-game currency. Marketplace also has a rating system showing the popularity and rarity of each item.

The update also includes various bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and balancing tweaks for some operators and weapons. Players can also expect the newly revamped Battle Pass to make a return, where it will double down even more on player choice instead of forcing players into a linear unlock path. It also feature a unique skin for the resident survival expert, new skins for fan favourite operators, and further boosts to make life a little easier down the line.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Feeeze is the fourth and final season of Year 8. The new season is expected to be released on 28 November, 2023, and will be available for all supported platforms.

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