As much as it pains us to admit, most gamers have been “self-isolating” our entire lives – we just never had a name for it. With that said, the current threat of the ever-spreading coronavirus is quite scary. As such, millions of people worldwide have resorted to self-isolation in an attempt to lessen the spread of the virus as a cure is being worked on. The result is a huge populace sitting at home with no idea what to do with themselves. Thankfully, Vamers is here to help! We have curated a list of 10 things to do while self-isolating, and we guarantee you will love it.

Watch that show you have been putting off

Netflix is but one of countless on-demand streaming platforms we all use and love. There are seemingly unending amounts of shows on the platforms! As such, we tend to put off one or two shows that look incredibly promising, in favour of the newest show on the block. Why not take the time you now have, and finally watch that show you have been putting off? Whether it is Breaking Bad or The Expanse, we are certain you might come out of your self-isolation as a whole new member of a fanbase you never knew existed.

Give your home a makeover

Whether you slay at DIY or are absolutely atrocious at it, there is no denying how therapeutic giving your home a makeover is. Why not take the time you now have in self-isolation to hang up that those nw curtains you have hidden away? Perhaps take the time to build the bookcase you got for Christmas! If you are particularly handy, why not chop a few logs and finally start the building process for the new shed, or living room coffee table? We guarantee you will feel a heck of a lot better by doing any one of these!

Start organising

We have all been there: we wake up early, jump in the shower, go to the kitchen, and turn on the kettle, only to find out there are no more clean cups! We get it: a busy life sometimes gets in the way of things we should all be doing daily. Thanks to self-isolation, this can change. Get up a bit later than usual to make sure you have enough energy, then do yourself a favour and tackle the dishes first thing in the morning. After this, jump in the shower and grab a cuppa. Take a tiny break to catch up on that show, then start organising your Tupperware. All of these steps will not only make your home look tidy, but give you a massive sense of accomplishment. You deserve it!

Play ball!

Whether you live alone or with others does not matter. Having a ball in the house is actually a massive stress-reliever. Having a ball of fur even more so! If you have a tennis ball laying around, gather your siblings and play a bit of ball. If you live alone, you can really get that hand-eye coordination trained by throwing the ball to yourself using a wall. Alternatively, if you have a little fur ball running about, you can have a bit of fun by dedicating an hour or so to playing fetch with them! Many of you may not have tennis balls, but rugby or soccer balls instead. The same advice applies, but try not to kick too hard or you might break something!

Learn something new

We know the drill: there is always someone out there who always tells you to learn something new. This time, however, we implore you to actually try! Now this does not mean you have to go ahead and take up a course in applied sciences or engineering. Rather, why not take the time to download one of those language learning apps? I am personally a fan of Memrise. Alternatively, you can pick up a blank paper, a pencil, and an eraser or two. Get drawing! Hey, maybe learning how to cook is not a bad idea. Why not do that? Take any of the above to heart and you may come out of your self-isolation a master at the arts.

Get socialising

One of the best things you can do as a human being is to be social. Since you are self-isolating and at home for the next couple of weeks, socialising can be challenging… unless you go on social media! For the longest time one of my largest, most up-to-date, and informative sources has been Twitter. Alternatively, I often use Facebook to catch up with family I have not spoken to in a while. Instagram, on the other hand, is just a repository I use to store (and share) my hottest new photos – the social aspect is just a plus. Regardless of what I use social media for, there is no denying how good it can be to prevent that cabin fever setting in. Catch up with Aunt Gretna, or stalk that one hot guy – shoot your shot and maybe you have a date lined up in a few weeks’ time.

Try out one of those 7-minute workouts

Getting fit is easy. It is staying fit that is the hard part! Due to the coronavirus, many gyms have closed their doors in order to keep their patrons safe. If your gym did not close, you are encouraged to stay home anyway! Why not use one of those 7-minute workout apps to get fit instead? Whether you are a regular gym-goer, or a complete newby at fitness and health in general, does not matter. Once you adopt the fitness lifestyle, you will not only be more resilient to illnesses, you will also feel good and look good in the process!

Read a book

As an aspiring writer, I like to read. As a journalist and gamer who also loves to watch a lot of television and movies, I hardly ever do read. It is easy to say that we will make time for something we really want to do. Actually setting the time aside to do that, however, is an entirely different story. Maybe going into self-isolation for a few weeks is exactly the excuse I need to do that — maybe you do too! Thanks to the coronavirus lockdown, we are all stuck at home for a little while. Whether you like actual books or comics, magazine columns or blogposts, reading is reading, and exercising that mind of yours will help immensely in bettering yourself. Get lost in some fiction, why won’t you!

Plant some trees

Okay. Maybe you do not really need to plant a bunch of trees – you are not MrBeast, after all. What you can do, however, is go into your garden and exercise that green thumb you have hidden away. Whether you live in a big home or a small apartment, it is always good to have a few greens around. Water that potted plant and trim its leaves. Move your flowerpot to a new spot in the garden, and watch a tutorial on how to correctly hang a birdfeeder. You know, to get a bit of fauna flowing through your garden! The coronavirus may be a sad state of affairs, but that does not mean your garden needs to be!

Build a toilet paper fort

We see you, stockpiling that toilet paper like some weirdo collecting bottle caps to pay for a game. Oh wait, that actually happened. Anywho, we know what you can do with all of your toilet paper rolls – build a dang fort! If there is one thing that will most certainly keep the coronavirus lockdown in check, it is a toilet paper fort the size of a tiny one bedroom apartment in Japan! Go on, we know you want to… and we also actually really want to see it — so when you are done, send us pics!

Whether you are spending your self isolation by yourself, with roommates, family, or just a furry loved one, chances are that you will get bored really quickly. Hopefully the pointers above will alleviate the boredom a tiny bit. If not, well, there is always video games! Recent hits I would highly recommend are DOOM Eternal, TT Isle of Man 2, and maybe even Monster Hunter: World.

Junior Editor at Vamers. From Superman to Ironman; Bill Rizer to Sam Fisher and everything in-between, Edward loves it all. He is a Bachelor of Arts student and English Major specialising in Language and Literature. He is an avid writer and casual social networker with a flare for all things tech related.