The Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has all of us on edge. Countries around the world are practising forms of nationwide lockdowns – some of which have completely shut down, while others are slowly limiting and/or opening up services. South Africa has just entered its first phase of the progressive re-opening of non-essential services to get the country moving again. While the world is stuck at home, however, heroes like doctors, medical staff, cashiers and more, are out there fighting the good fight. What about superheroes? If the superheroes featured in comic books and movies existed, what would they be doing? Régis Raffin, Vincent Roché, and Vanessa Giangrande had the same thought and teamed up to bring the world a cool animated short called Heroes in Lockdown.

The director, artist, and musician combo created a moving comic-style video showcasing their favourite superheroes. The interesting video focuses on their faces or most prominent features, before zooming out and showcasing how they are treating life in lockdown. It opens up with our favourite anti-hero and X-Man, Wolverine, before showcasing what other superheroes are also up to. I particularly like how they focused on the stereotypes associated with most heroes, such as Wonder Woman staying fit while the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles eat [presumably homemade] pizza and get fat, like all of us in real life!

Source YouTube

My favourite part about the Heroes in Lockdown video comes in at the end, after a nice and inspirational message from Raffin and his team telling everyone that hope is not lost. The final part of the video shows Bruce Banner, Tony Stark, and Ant-Man all working together to eradicate the virus and find a treatment or a cure. I also like how the video specifically encourages staying at home, with superheroes like Spider-Man and Wonder Woman all at home as they practise social distancing. It makes me wonder, however, what would the superheroes have done if they decided to use their powers instead?

I imagine Wolverine would be out and about doing work like chopping trees and fighting fires – keeping firefighters safe in the process. Spider-Man would be swinging along rooftops and skyscrapers, cleaning windows and delivering pizza; Wonder Woman would be fighting burglars and bad guys taking advantage of the quieter industrial areas, while the Ninja Turtles would offer their services to a popular streaming platform to practice and perform various forms of entertainment for children at home.

Heroes in Lockdown is a video that reminds us all not to lose hope in trying times. Just like Hank Pimm (and by extension Scott Lang), Bruce Banner and Tony Stark, there are currently real-life heroes out there scavenging all scientific and medicinal avenues for a cure or a treatment. All we have to do as a society is hang in there, and tough it out.

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