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The film reboot of one of the X-Men’s most beloved characters, Wolverine, is set for release this Friday (26th July 2013) and it looks like it is going to be one awesome action packed film. However, being a superhero is not all ‘song and dance‘ as most heroes are often plagued with a lot of angst.

The X-Men’s most infamous adamantium infused hero is one angry dude, but he is this way for many good reasons. For starters, Wolverine’s friends and lovers often die, usually in horrible ways. Then when he is not mourning the loss of a loved one, he is probably getting stabbed and torn apart by enemies. To make matters even worse, the poor guys only weapons – his adamantium claws – actually cause him pain each time they pierce his flesh and pop out of his forearms with a ‘snikt!’. So it is understandable that Wolverine screams… a lot.

Embedded below is a fantastic super compilation of every single moment of Hugh Jackman screaming in his portrayal of the X-Men’s iconic Wolverine. Enjoy!

[Source: Vulture]

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