The Harry Potter film series may not have followed the books as closely as fans would have liked, but something that Warner Brother’s did get spot-on was the mood and feel of the books as the characters grew older. Naturally, one of the best and most unique aspects of the film series is how the actors were growing up in the films as they were in real life.

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter series knows that J.K. Rowling has filled the franchise with many memorable ‘coming of age’ moments, therefore each of the characters has had their fair share of comedic hijinks.

Courtesy of YouTube creator Newest Trailers, fans may take a glimpse into an alternate reality whereby the Harry Potter series was created as a teenage romantic comedy.

The result is a wonderful look and reminder of the wonder years from Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets, before the series had to begin dealing with death, loss, hopelessness and destruction. Enjoy!

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