Reading Marvel and DC comics, watching Disney movies, and playing video games, have always opened up doorways to living in worlds where you can be anyone you want to be. Sadly, those worlds end when the comic, movie or game is over… or do they? For some people, those worlds are brought to the ‘real world’ through cosplay – which is the performance art of bringing to life your favourite characters [Ed’s note: cosplayers are people who cosplay].

Normally rAge (Really Awesome Gaming Event), which is held annually in Johannesburg, has a focus on video games, technology and computers. However, geek culture is not just about technology. It is also about self-expression.

As such, cosplay has started to feature more and more prominently at every forthcoming rAge event. This year was no exception, with rAge 2016 offering some of the best cosplay costumes yet seen.

There is honestly nothing better than seeing someone get excited about their passion. That is why it was so cool and inspiring to meet and speak with some of the cosplayers during rAge 2016. Doing so allowed me to quickly learn that cosplaying is not a ‘fly by night’ endeavour.

Some cosplayers, for example, took over two months to complete their costumes whilst others only took ‘weeks’. However long the time frame, there is no denying that every costume was executed with as much accuracy and detail as possible. So much so that, at a quick glance, some were actually almost believable.


This cosplay passion was clearly shown on the show floor and during the cosplay competition at rAge 2016, which was so large this year that the judging took place over two of the three days set aside for rAge. The cosplayers were so varied, ranging from Harley Quinn, Gamora, Finn and Rey, to Poison Ivy, Phantom Assassins, Goku, DoTa and so much more. It was honestly incredible.

As much as we would like to feature everyone that we saw, since everyone looked great, we have simply included our favourites in this post and in the gallery below.

The Vamers Crew have been attending rage for a fair amount of years now and every member agreed that this year was absolutely one to remember. Not only with regards to the cosplay, but also to the planned events and releases.

Next year, we are actually hoping to come in costumes of our very own, and joining in on the fun! If you think you have a fun and exciting cosplay idea for members of the Vamers Crew, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your suggestions. Like, I am totally voting for Hans to go as Thor!

From the magic of the Harry Potter saga through to the trials and tribulations of The Hunger Games, Diona adores losing herself in fictional worlds of magic, love and hope. She is currently a Bachelor of Social Science student with a specialisation in Communications and Media, and hopes to one day be the star of her very own 'talk show'.