Whether you want to spoil your girlfriend, wife or your Galantines this year, we know that sometimes giving your geeky girl a gift that leans more towards the nerdy side can feel a little risky. That is why the Vamers team have got your back!

Throw those traditional teddy bears and chocolate ideas away and blow away that special person in your life with something magical (and geeky)!  Doing so will, no doubt, earn you those delicious and highly sought after brownie points.

  1. That Tech Savvy Girly-Girl

There are some bad-ass tech savvy geeky women out there that could literally ‘CTRL+ALT+DEL’ you if you do not feed them in time. However, there is still a piece of them that loves pink and secretly watches Youtube tutorials on how to do their makeup. So I have found the perfect gift for them. Get ready as she opens her gift, and pulls out a phone charging cable with little heart lights that shine when she is charging her phone.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than shining hearts, right? Plus its something that she can actually use, and smile when she does (because every girl wants to shine bright like a diamond). Personally, these lights reminded me of the Netflix series Stranger Things, and if she is a fan, you can expect some extra brownie points for it! You can purchase this cable from Thats Geek for R654.

2. That Geeky Makeup Artist

No matter what anyone says, a geeky girl will always love to play around with makeup. Especially when they are trying to attempt those ‘easy’ YouTube tutorials. However, add some magical spells into the mix and you have a girl who probably has her room filled with magical novelties. Each expressing her love for Harry Potter. If that sounds like your partner, then I have the perfect gift. It is so good, that when she holds these she might just be *stupefied* into a happy shock for a while (I know because I have a set of my very own).

Get your partner these Magical Hogwarts Houses Makeup Brushes for Valentines or any other occasion, and I can assure you that she will love you to Durmstrang and back again. You can purchase this gorgeous brush set from Vamers Store for only R545

3. That Nerdy Bookworm

If you want to completely surprise the girl that has read every single Harry Potter book in the franchise, and so many other books that you cannot recall, then I have found a gift that will look perfect on her dressing table. One that will allow her to be that womanly bookworm that she is!

Open these books and you will find a collection of 12 eyeshadows for her to further her creativity, as she reminisces about her favourite novels. You can purchase these gorgeous palettes from StoryBook Cosmetics for $55 in the US, and luckily they also offer international shipping!

4. For the Superhero Lover

Most of us have walked around the house in our undies all night, eating pizza out of the cardboard box whilst bing watching our favourite Netflix shows. Well for those weekend nights in with your significant other on the couch, you will know when she is headed towards the kitchen for a midnight snack because you will literally be able to see her walking away in the dark with this gift idea.

Say it with me: “glow in the dark Batman undies”. I mean just #SUATM! You can purchase these for your geeky girl from Thats Geek for R903

5. For that Harry Potter Lover

Nothing says “you take me back in time” quite like a replica of Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace. If only we could confuse people the way Hermione did to Ron and Harry in their classes when she used this time turner to double up on her classes.

This gorgeous necklace is subtle, yet so effective in showing your love for all things magical. Another big plus is that it is also 18k Gold Plated. You can purchase this gorgeous geeky gift from Vamers Store for R185 (I have one, and I always get asked about it).



From the magic of the Harry Potter saga through to the trials and tribulations of The Hunger Games, Diona adores losing herself in fictional worlds of magic, love and hope. She is currently a Bachelor of Social Science student with a specialisation in Communications and Media, and hopes to one day be the star of her very own 'talk show'.