The thing that ranks best next to food, other than eating it, is art. Thankfully, I have come across someone who has combined the two in a delicious fashion. Through challenging herself, Ioana Vanc has created some very interesting food art – and no, it is not the usual food art that is often seen on plates. Instead, the art is created using a spoon as a canvas.

Ioana Vanc is a Romanian architect, whose artistic food journey initially began through the use of chocolate bars, creating delicious images by breaking, crushing and shaping the pieces. After some time, she took her skills to the proverbial ‘next level’, and I am so glad she did because her bite-sized pieces of mouthwatering art are truly incredible.

Creating art requires a great deal of talent and patience; and as you can imagine, using a spoon as a canvas requires all that and ten times more. Ioana has said that although she does use a larger spoon, it is no less of a challenge. However, she has said that her aim is for the public to enjoy her art as much as she enjoys creating it (and eating it after, no doubt).

What I loved most about Iona’s art is that she not only has themes that range from animals to holidays, but she has also created some fantastic geeky art (embedded below). Some favourites include art from movies such as Star wars, Batman and Frozen that feature famous characters like C-3PO and R2-D2, Yoda, Olaf and many more.

If you like the art, be sure to support Ioana Vanc by following her on Instagram.

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