Lets be honest, we have all put ourselves into the position of last minute gifting. Not only for Valentines Day, but also for many other special occasions. Only to find out that all your favourite restaurant spots have been fully booked and the last rose left at the supermarket is half broken and overpriced. Hence why I have put together a list of the best Valentines Gift ideas that you can surprise the geek in your life with.

  1. A chunk of Gallium for your Geeky Chemistry Boyfriend

This is definitely not your traditional ‘chocolates and roses’ Valentines day gift. This incredibly cool metal is solid at room temperature and has a melting point of 29.76 °C. So it melts in your hand while you are holding it. If you wanted to make it a little bit more special you could put it into a heart shaped mould.

Besides, this gift really says “I know you, and how much you would enjoy pretending to crush a piece of metal in front of your friends”. This incredibly cool gift can be bought on BidorBuy in South Africa for only R175 for 7 grams or on Amazon in the US for only $30 for 100 grams.

2. Geek Chic Handcuffs for your Superhero Businessman

This gift is for that geek in your life that handles business by day, and is your hero by night. Now you can give your partner a gift that will make them feel like your superhero all-day, throughout all of those tedious meetings. Give them a set of cufflinks from almost every superhero out there. Seriously, these are fantastic Valentines Gift ideas, as well as for weddings and, well, they are great in general.

From Superman, Thor, Batman, The Flash, Ironman and even different themed cufflinks like Pokemon, Game of Thrones, Back to the Future, Star Wars and Star Trek; there is something for everyone. You can find all of these delightfully chic accessories on the Vamers Store  for only R275.

3. Tech Gifts for your Geeky Tech-Savvy Lover!

Gadgets are always a good way to go if you want to find something that is practical for your significant other. Especially if you are certain that they will actually use and appreciate it. Then again if you add some magic to a practical gadget, one that says “I know your favourite book series is Harry Potter”, and they open their gift to find a programmable remote shaped like a magic want; I am certain that some other magic will happen that night too.

After all, who would not want to feel like a wizard by changing the channel with a flick of the wrist?! Shouting “Silencio” instead of pushing the mute button is a feeling that will never get old! This wand is a bit on the pricey side, but it can be bought on Thats Geek for R2,232.00.

If the wand does not do it for your partner, then why not bring their Superhero fantasies to life with this mini Batman signal light. This gift is perfect for those moments when you need to signal your boyfriend or girlfriend in the kitchen to bring you some food, because being lazy and hangry is a dangerous combination.

You can purchase this mini Batman Signal Light from Thats Geek for R533.

4. For Your Board Game Lover – Geek Edition!

We all know an incredibly competitive board game player. If that happens to be your partner, then these gifts are a must for a Valentines gift. Not only will your geeky significant other conquer the game at hand, especially if you let them win, but they will adore you for thinking of and remembering their favourite geeky universes. 

You can purchase these board games from  Mantality for  R595.

5. For Your stylishly dressed Superhero

We realise that your boyfriend or girlfriend may have attempted dressing up in their Batman or Superman costume on date night, just because they love it and secretly enjoy seeing you cringe as they call out to the waiter “I’m Batman”. Although we cannot all be Bruce Wayne, they will still feel just as bad-ass with these superhero themed belt buckles! Like the cufflinks, these buckles are perfect Valentines Gift Ideas.

You can enjoy date night and be confident that you have given them a gift you know they will adore! There are a large variety of these superhero belt buckles, ranging from Superman and Batman, through to Deadpool, Pokemon, Star Wars and more. You can  purchase these heroic belt buckles from Vamers Store for only R260 each.



From the magic of the Harry Potter saga through to the trials and tribulations of The Hunger Games, Diona adores losing herself in fictional worlds of magic, love and hope. She is currently a Bachelor of Social Science student with a specialisation in Communications and Media, and hopes to one day be the star of her very own 'talk show'.