We have all been there. Standing in the aisle of some store, staring at the various trinkets and/or accessories we think the geek in our lives might like. Online, the issue of figuring out what to get the geek in our lives is even worse! The onset of the digital age and the sheer amount of places you can now get stuff is crazy! We know your struggle, dear reader, and would like to offer an easy solution. We present to you, a quick guide to the Top Geek Valentines Gifts for the special person in your life!

The multiverse houses all sorts of geeks. Those who believe in time travel; those who love superheroes; those who like to get lost in the world of magic and fantasy; and, yes, the occasional anime weeb or two also exist (I should know, I am one). Figuring out which one of the categories the geek in your life fits into should be easy enough. Finding the perfect gift for them, however, might be beyond daunting. In this guide, I have perused our very own Vamers Store, and singled out the top geek valentines gift ideas that might be perfect for the special people in your life.

Quick side note, and specifically in terms of Vamers Store, I must mention how all orders over R1000 ship for free in South Africa. Even better, if you sign up for an account at checkout, you will be eligible for 3% cash back on every order placed. Basically allowing you to get even more cool geek stuff, for less, on your next purchase.


Pokemon is one of the most popular anime franchises in the world. We all adore it and you probably have a geek in your life who also loves it. Fortunately there are a few options in terms of geek valentines gifts you can get for them. Two particular options are a set of Kanto Region Badges, and the age-old classic Pokemon Trading Card Game! You simply cannot go wrong by going old school and getting a set of badges for your special geek. If you are not too certain about it however, you can always go for a theme deck instead! 

Gym leader badges

Pokemon cards


Ah yes, Harry Potter and the Fantastical Franchise of Gorgeously Geeky Gifts! Now this is one of the more timeless franchises we have all grown up with. Whether the geek in your life fell in love with the books; the original collection of films; the Fantastic Beasts films that came thereafter; or even just the wonderful cosplay surrounding it, chances are they will instantly fall in love with a wonderful pleather wristband, a time turner, or a beautiful set of makeup brushes based on the iconic wands used in the films. 

Charm Wristband

Wand Make-up brushes


Whether your beloved geek valentines person lived through the 1980s and begrudgingly mocks Disney’s acquisition, or whether your geek grew up with the Prequel Trilogy and has a secret crush on Jar Jar Binks, chances are they will love both the options I have picked out here! The Darth Vader Pillowcase comes from a huge lineup of Dia Los Muertos Pillowcases that are sure to spice up the home of your favourite geek. The Boba Fett Tote Bag, on the other hand, will mercilessly carry just about any and all things you can put in it. You can even get the two gifts together if you are so inclined! 

Darth Vader Pillowcase

Boba Fett Tote Bag


From humble beginnings as a comic book line, all the way through to cartoon adaptations and most recently a huge overarching cinematic universe (where all films tie into one-another like the comic books they are based on), the Marvel Universe is unlike any other. Chances are good the geek valentines person in your life loves some aspect of what Marvel has to offer. As such, we figured you could not go wrong with a beautifully wacky pair of Spider-Man socks. They are grey and red (meaning they will fit with most wardrobe choices) and they are also based on everyone’s favourite wall crawler! Naturally, if socks are not your thing, you cannot go wrong with the cutest little Marvel character ever: Little Groot, exactly as he was at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Perfect for any desk! 

Spider-Man Socks

Hot Toys Little Groot Collectible


While most Marvel Geeks are also DC Comics Geeks, there are a few who prefer the latter over the former. These particular geeks have a lot of facets to figure out. Are they into the comics alone, or do they also like the animated films? How many of the games have they played and are they even gamers to begin with? Whatever the case may be, there is no doubt these geek valentines people will love the following gifts: A Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth earring set that perfectly goes with any wardrobe (since they are gold-plated); and a cool set of CosBaby collectibles based on Batman V Superman

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Earrings

Hot Toys Batman V Superman CosBaby Set



Not everyone has one specific interest. In fact, some geeks may not be interested in any of the brands and franchises covered above! As such, I painstakingly went through the entire Vamers Store catalogue and picked a few miscellaneous brands I am certain will catch the valentines geek in your life’s interest. These are Sir Francis Drake’s iconic Necklace from the Uncharted video games; a necktie inspired by the Fourth Doctor in Doctor Who; and even a diecast ring based on the sigil of House Stark in Game of Thrones

Uncharted Sir Francis Drake Necklace

Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Inspired Necktie

Game Of Thrones House Stark Direwolf Ring


While insanely awesome, I attempted to keep the gifts above affordable. Many of us still need to eat, after all! However, some of us also save up a bit of cash in order to splurge on the ones we love. For these financially conscious few, I can gladly say the Vamers Store has you covered! From an 6th Scale Darth Maul Collectible from Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace; to the beautifully crafted 6th Scale Iron Man Mark XXXIX Starboost-, and Armoured Chrome Batman Collectibles; the store totally has you covered. All figurines are finely crafted and feature multiple customisation options and articulation. While they are not meant to be played around with, they do look incredible on a shelf or a desk and will undoubtedly make the valentines geek in your life’s heart swell. 

STAR WARS – Darth Maul Collectible

MARVEL – Iron Man Mark XXXIX Starboost Collectible

DC – Armoured Chrome Black Batman Collectible

Well there you have it! While vast and comprehensive, the list above will surely set you on the correct path when buying the perfect gifts for the valentines geeks in your life. There are even more options to choose from on the full website, whether your geek likes to decorate their house, their own face, or even just their desks.

It should be noted that money is not everything. In truth, it is the thought that counts far more so than how deep your pockets are. With that said, a little gift here and there will always score you a browny point or two. Now excuse me while I go and get a bunch of those Spider-Man socks.

Junior Editor at Vamers. From Superman to Ironman; Bill Rizer to Sam Fisher and everything in-between, Edward loves it all. He is a Bachelor of Arts student and English Major specialising in Language and Literature. He is an avid writer and casual social networker with a flare for all things tech related.