Vamers - Happy New Year with the Big Bang TheoryWe are officially back and ready for the new year.

2012 was a great year for us. Our biggest change was moving our focus from only video games to encompassing anything and everything geek related. If it can provide a geekasm of some kind, then it is appropriate for Vamers.

The Vamers user-base has also grown exponentially in the last 12 months and user engagement, thanks to all of you, is enjoying a continuos increase. You, our readers, keep us online so that we may do what we love. Thus we hope to see and hear from many more of you throughout the course of this year.

With the impending apocalypse avoided, 2013 has arrived in a glorious fashion. For starters we can announce, although prematurely, that we will most likely have a live correspondent at the Entertainment Electronic Exposition (E3) in Los Angeles this year – a milestone that we have worked hard to achieve and one that we are very proud of. You can also expect bigger competitions and even more geektastic content to further enhance those geekasms that we love to share. Sharing is caring after all.

For our social media savvy readers, we are on Facebook and Twitter (Google Plus too, if that is your thing). Every like, retweet and share is super appreciated and helps keep us on our feet.

If you entered any of our competitions in late 2012, be sure to check if you are one of our winners. The Star Wars Angry Birds plushies and Santa’s Mystery Gift are itching to meet their new owners.

Since it is the dawn of a new year, what would a Vamers post be without something to provide a geekasm? Embedded below is a rather unique video of ‘fireworks in reverse’, because forwards is so 2012. The video has an ethereal beat that compliments the hypnotic reverse fireworks display. Enjoy!

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[Source: YouTube]

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