Apex Legends: Ignite (also known as Season 19) is here to set the Outlands on fire with a new support Legend, a revamped Storm Point map, and cross progression for all platforms. Whether gamers want to light up the competition with Conduit, the sparky new Legend, or explore the energised Storm Point with its reduced size and new points of interest, there is something for every Legend in this update.

Here are some of the highlights of Apex Legends: Ignite:

Conduit: The Spark of Hope

Conduit is a pint-sized powerhouse who can generate and manipulate shields for herself and her teammates. Her design is inspired by Titan’s from Titanfall – apt given how she discovers her abilities from an old Titan – whilst her colour palette is purposefully vibrant to showcase her personality and Filipino origins.

Her passive ability, Savior’s Speed, gives her a speed boost (40% faster than normal) when running towards allies who are out of her tactical range. There is no specific range on the passive, ensuring she is able to get back to her teammates no matter where they are on the map (perfect for those with Octane’s on their team).

Her tactical ability, Radiant Transfer, allows her to send a surge of energy to a teammate (25 shields points), creating temporary shields for both of them. The shields do not buff existing or replace missing shields on teammates – so teammates should still seek proper cover once temporarily assisted by Conduit.

Her ultimate ability, Energy Barricade, deploys a series of shield-jamming devices damaging and slowing enemies, making it perfect for escaping or trapping foes. Since it is a ‘gadget’, the wall it creates cannot be climbed over, but it can be destroyed. It will be very interesting to see what players do with her ultimate.

From the footage shown and gameplay tested, Conduit appears to be a versatile Legend who can shine in any situation, whether it is offensive or defensive.

Storm Point: A Smaller, Deadlier Island

The island of Storm Point has been overhauled to be somewhat smaller in size in order to increase intensity. The change is, no doubt, in response to many fans complaining about the size of the map and the increasingly shorter ring zones.

Nevertheless, Respawn hopes players will get into more fights faster as they drop into new locations like Wattson’s Town Takeover at Pylon or spark all out fights at ZEUS Station. Alternatively, gamers can visit storm-damaged areas like Devastated Coast, or hit all new points of interest, such as Echo HQ and Coastal Camp.

As always, it is a good idea to keep a wrathful eye open for poisonous spiders, prowlers, and rival Legends who are eager to loot their death boxes. Storm Point has been completely reworked for Apex Legends: Ignite and should hopefully be even more electrifying than before, ensuring players continue to adapt in order to survive.

Cross Progression: One Legend, Many Platforms

The holy grail of Apex Legends: Ignite is, without a doubt, the addition of cross progression. Fans of the game have been asking for this very feature since the title debuted all the way back in 2019. Thankfully, the moment players have waited for is finally arriving with Season 19.

Players can now sync their accounts across platforms and enjoy cross progression for all their cosmetics, badges, and achievements. No matter where they play, their Legend will continue to grow and show off their skills. Cross progression is a welcome feature ensuring Apex Legends more accessible and convenient for players.

There is even more to look forward to for Apex Legends: Ignite, namely the Battle Pass and the very heavily leaked Post Malone collaboration. So make sure to stay tuned to Vamers.com for all of your Apex Legends needs.

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