Apex Legends is one of the most popular and successful free-to-play battle royale games in the world. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, the game attracts millions of monthly players with its fast-paced and thrilling gameplay, diverse and charismatic characters, and rich and immersive lore. The latter two points are the focus of this article, whereby the aforementioned companies have revealed an official Apex Legends Cookbook, bringing the Legends to life in the most unexpected of ways.

From Mirage’s “Glazed Pork Chops”, through to Lifeline’s “Pas Me Dat Suga”; the Apex Legends Cookbook is here to satisfy all cravings!

Apex Legends is set in a sci-fi universe where contestants, known as Legends, compete for fame and fortune in the Apex Games, a bloodsport pitting unique individuals against each other in various arenas. Part of the allure of the title is how each of the Legends feature their own unique personalities and distinct backstories. Despite having over 20 playable characters, the game keep players enthralled by continuously revealing snippets of their lives and relationships through various media, such as voice lines, comics, cinematics, and loading screens – the last of which is known for showcasing recipes from some of the available legends.

With the above in mind, fans of Apex Legends will be all too aware of the mysterious recipes often presented in the game’s myriad of loading screens, many of which are inspired by or related to the Legends. One of the best examples is of Mirage’s “Glazed Pork Chops”, a dish he learned from his mother and one he likes to share with his friends (does he even have any friends though? Mirage mains will know). There is also Lifeline’s “Pas Me Dat Suga”, a sweet cookie she makes for her squadmates to boost their morale. Perhaps an Apex Legends Cookbook might have something like “Voidwalker Pie” – a mysterious dessert discovered in an alternate dimension by Wraith – waiting to be discovered?!

Simply put, the snippets of recipes fans have gleamed add flavour and depth to the characters, and also continue to tantalise the taste buds of players – who have always imagined what these dishes might be like. Well, the good news is fans no longer need to wonder, because Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts have teamed up with Insight Editions to bring fans the Apex Legends Cookbook, an official recipe guide containing over 70 easy-to-make recipes based on the game’s lore and characters.

Other than being filled with recipes, the Apex Legends Cookbook is also, according to the studio, a celebration of the game’s world and culture. As such, it features stunning illustrations and photographs of the dishes, as well as tips and tricks from the Legends themselves (Here’s hoping Pathfinder’s additions are useful). Apparently there will also be lore snippets and anecdotes to discover, which will reveal more about the history and background of each dish and character.

The Apex Legends Cookbook will cover a wide range of cuisines and courses, from breakfast, entrees, desserts, appetisers, drinks, baked goods, soups, and more. There will be dishes to suit every preference and dietary needs too (this is very appreciated). There will no doubt be a large selection to cater to differing moods and occasions, whether one is looking for a quick snack, a hearty meal, a refreshing beverage, or a decadent dessert.

Interested gamers will be happy to know that the Apex Legends Cookbook is set to launch worldwide on 18 October, 2023. It is currently available for pre-order starting at USD $34.99 / AUS $59.99 directly on the Play Apex Shop or Amazon. The book will also have localised editions for North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, China, Japan, Brazil and Russia.

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