2012 is slowly rolling to a close. Shop fronts, malls and homes have started to imprint our retina’s with Christmas cheer through festively vibrant embellishments. As the festive spirit washes over us, we begin to wonder “what gift do I give”?

The Vamers staff are here to help you out with an assortment of gifts for this Geekmas that would give any self-respecting person a good and proper geekasm.

The 2012 Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide consists of 30 geektastic gifts, all of which have been sourced from local South African suppliers. The items have been split into three separate posts of 10 gifts each, with each post catering for a different budget.

Part I (this post) is for the budget conscious buyer, Part II is for the mid-to-big spender and Part III is for those with deep pockets. Each post has also been conveniently sorted in order from least to most expensive.

Please note that the prices in this guide are accurate at the time of publishing only and may change without notice at each respective online store.

  1. Blood Bath Shower Gel
    Price: R95
    Store: Mantality
  2. Lion Wild Hood
    Price: R100
    Store: Sin Bin
  3. Star Wars Ice Cube Trays (can also be used to make chocolates)
    Price: R120 – R140
    Store: Dark Carnival
  4. Angry Birds Soft Toys
    Price: R140 – R180
    Store: Kalahari.net
  5. Domo-Kun Sculpted Mug
    Price: R190
    Store: AnimeWorx
  6. R2-D2 Bubblegum T-Shirt
    Price: R220
    Store: BigBlue
  7. Superman Symbol Ring (Officially Licensed)
    Price: R229
    Store: ZapsOnline
  8. Circuit Board Rhodium Cufflinks Set
    Price: R240
    Store: Mantality

  9. Portal Coasters with Aperture Warning Labels
    Price: R250
    Store: AnimeWorx
  10. The Dark Knight Rises Spring-loaded Folding Knife
    Price: R255
    Store: Have2Have

Looking for more geektastic goodies for geekmas? Have a look at Part II and Part III of the Vamers Geekmas Gift Guide 2012 for further inspiration. For additional geektastic gift ideas, check out SuperheroStuff’s recommended goodies for Geekmas.

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