In George Lucas’ space epic, Star Wars, Darth Vader is voiced by the enigmatic James Earl Jones – the man responsible  for CNN’s master voice over and for bringing the character of Mufasa to life in Disney’s The Lion King. 

Jones’ deep resonant vocals coupled with the rasp of a life support machine turned Darth Vader’s voice into one of the most recognizable and villainous vocals on earth, but what if George Lucas took his vision for Darth Vader in a different direction?

Courtesy of a variety of creative people online, we can now envision what it would have been like if Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicolas Cage, Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hardy’s Bane had been given the part of voicing Darth Vader. Embedded below is also a video of Darth Vader as voiced by the original actor, David Prowse – thank goodness Lucas went with Jones’ voice!

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