Hair can either ‘make you’ or ‘break you’. Anyone who has had a bad haircut will be able to relate to that statement. Thing is, have you ever taken note of hair in video games? Today, I put the spotlight on exactly that: video game hairdos.

The folks over at Mosaic Hair Transplant created a chart of the most memorable (and weird-looking) hair and accessories featured in video games over the last three decades.

Among those featured, my favourites are definitely Amarant Coral, and Crono’s hair. The two characters featured in Final Fantasy IX, and Chrono Trigger — two of my all-time top five games. Other favourite video game hairdos include Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft (because how could it not) and Deus:Ex’s Adam Jensen.

Some of the more unusual, and downright hilarious, additions to this list include Steve’s blocky ‘do’ from Minecraft and Kratos’ goatee – since he is bald.

The chart is a nice way to look back at characters that have defined gaming culture over the years. More often than not, character designers and artists hardly ever get recognition for their creations. Charts like these are a nice way to remind gamers that each character exists because of the arts.

Which of the featured video game hairdos is your favourite?

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