Marvel movies are some of the most popular and successful films in the world, attracting millions of viewers from different backgrounds, ages, and preferences. However, not everyone who watches a Marvel movie is a fan of the franchise, and not every fan has the same level of knowledge or enthusiasm. How then do fans and non-fans of Marvel movies differ in their cinematic experience?

In reality, there are many possible differences between fans and non-fans of marvel movies, depending on how you define a fan. Here are some examples:

  • Fans may be more familiar with the comic book origins of the characters and stories, while non-fans may only know them from the movies.
  • Fans may be more excited to see Stan Lee’s cameos in each movie (RIP Stan), while non-fans may not recognise him or understand his significance.
  • Fans may be more eager to stay for the post-credits scenes teasing future movies or reveaingl hidden details, while non-fans may leave the theater as soon as the movie ends.
  • Fans may have a stronger preference for Marvel movies over other genres or franchises, while non-fans may enjoy a wider variety of movies.
  • Fans may be younger than non-fans, as Marvel movies appeal more to younger generations who grew up with them.

Of course, these are not absolute or definitive differences, and there may be exceptions or overlaps. Ultimately, fans and non-fans of marvel movies can both enjoy the cinematic experience in their own ways.

Complementing the points above, Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly have created an entertaining and humorous comic strip looking at the differences between fans and non-fans who watch Marvel movies (there is also a video embedded below).

With the above in mind, I am, without a doubt, totally the fan who points out cameos in each film as well as the one who goes totally giddy for the end credits ‘bonus’ scenes.

Where do you fit within the realm of fans or non-fans when watching Marvel movies? Let us know.

[Source: Dorkly, Dorkly YouTube]

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