Vamers - FYI - Movies - The Wolverine (Official Poster) - Claws Out (Large)The official trailer for The Wolverine is finally here.

Set several years after the events of X-Men: The Last StandThe Wolverine focusses on Logan’s travels to Japan where he engages with a mysterious figure from his past, an engagement that undoubtedly has lasting consequences.

Allegedly vulnerable for the ‘first time’, The Wolverine will showcase Logan as he is pushed to his physical and emotional limits. The result is said to be an explosive journey that will pit Logan against highly skilled samurai warriors as he battles to come to terms with his inner immortality.

Two trailers currently exist for the movie, one for the domestic American market and the other for ‘international’ audiences. I personally prefer the domestic American trailer because it feels more finely tuned and edited. Either way, the movie appears to be shaping up quite nicely for the intended 26 July 2013 release date.

Both trailers have been imbedded below for your viewing pleasure.

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