Over the last few years Marvel Comics has grown from a well respected comic book publishing house to a full blown Disney conglomerate. Despite the change, Marvel is still the company that was founded by Stan Lee in the 1960s, which is why the studio’s superhero movies currently dominate box offices worldwide.

Fans of Marvel movies are easy to identify, they are normally the ones who squeal during superhero films and who remain in their seats once movies have ended. The reason for this is that all Marvel movie goers know not to leave the cinema at the end of a Marvel movie because doing so would mean the immediate revocation of ones geek card and, even more importantly, missing out on a sensational easter egg for future films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Hence the ‘truth about Marvel movies’ is succinctly captured in the image below.

Vamers - Humour - The Truth About Marvel Movies - I Am WIth You Until The End of the Credits

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