Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XV is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated titles of 2016. With a VR version of the game announced at E3, and a demo available now, interest in the game is already quite high. Adding to the hype, however, is the news that the forthcoming animated movie, Final Fantasy Kingsglaive, is releasing this August, 2016.

Kingsglaive is one of two animated projects set in the Final Fantasy XV universe. Taking place on the world of Eos, the film occurs in unison with the opening events of Final Fantasy XV. Lucis, the only nation of Eos who still has its magical crystal, is under the rule of the Cealum dynasty. They must use the power of the crystal to defend against various invaders. However, Lucis is also at war with Niflheim, a vastly superior militaristic and technologically advanced empire. As their last line of defence, an elite unit known as the Kingsglaive, must use the powers of the crystal to protect the throne of Lucis and the ruling Caelum dynasty.

Kingsglaive will star Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, as Nyx. Nyx is one of the Kingsglaive who is tasked with protecting an oracle named Lunafreya (Lena Headey). Another triple-A star is Sean Bean, who plays as King Regis, ruler of Lucis and the Caelum empire. King Regis is also the father of Final Fantasy XV’s protagonist, Noctis.

At Comic-Con 2016, the Japanese publisher announced that Kingsglaive will be released digitally on 30 August 2016; which is only two weeks after its limited theatrical run. However, Square Enix has also confirmed that a Blu-ray copy of Kingsglaive will be included along with the Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition that releases on 30 September 2016.

Square Enix recently released a new trailer for Kingsglaive, and it looks amazing. Set in the fantasy-esque and futuristic world of Final Fantasy XV, it looks like it came straight from a modern Final Fantasy VIII, my most adored game in the franchise. The trailer shows glimpses into the plot of the movie, as well as the biggest stars in the film. According to the trailer, Kingsglaive looks to be quite action packed, which is certainly not a bad thing.

Personally, I cannot wait to see the film. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was one of the best CG films from an established gaming franchise that I have seen. This was mainly thanks to then-new director for Square, Takeshi Nozue. Having only recently taken on the role of Director, Nozue-san was a big part of the animation teams for Final Fantasy X, and its sequel X-2. This clearly shone through in Advent Children as the film featured near-realistic character movement.

Final Fantasy Kingsglaive releases on 30 August 2016, with Final Fantasy XV following thereafter on 30 September 2016 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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