Three decades ago, Square-Enix launched a bold new franchise called Final Fantasy. Meant as a once off title, the original 1987 release exploded in popularity and the rest, as they say, is history. In addition to spawning a multitude of excellent games, the franchise is no stranger to cross promotional elements. Thus, to celebrate this age appropriate milestone, Square-Enix has revealed an exclusive Final Fantasy whiskey.

From Netflix series and successful orchestral concerts, though to in-game downloadable content (e.g.: Forza), and even inspiring the design of a real-world super car, the franchise’s capitalist versatility knows no bounds. However, this Final Fantasy whiskey is easily the most rare, worthwhile and, in my opinion, desirable of the lot.

Despite having released a Final Fantasy game almost each year since 1987, this is the first time that the developer is attempting to ‘distill’ 30 years of gaming heritage into a single product. Made in the Scottish Highlands by renowned distillery Glenfarclas, the “single-malt refill hogshead” was originally distilled in 1987. Yes, the same year as the Japanese release of Final Fantasy on the 8-bit Nintendo Famicom.

The 30th anniversary Final Fantasy whiskey also features a beautiful and elaborate label, one that has been designed by the original series character designer, Yoshitaka Amano. As such, it features Chocobos, a Moggle and a variety of familiar looking crystals. Even better, Glenfarcas will only be producing a total of 303 bottles, making this collaboration a true collector’s item.

Anyone familiar with whiskey will know that a standard 30 year old single-malt costs quite a pretty penny. Depending on the brand, they go for between R3500 – R8000 per bottle (sometimes even more). With this in mind, the 700ml bottle of 30th anniversary Final Fantasy whiskey will retail for ¥ 37 000 JPY (roughly R4100 before shipping and import duties). Given the brand, rarity and single malt nature of the whiskey, this is not a bad price.

The 30th anniversary Final Fantasy whiskey can already be ordered in-store directly at Shinanonya branches in Japan. Pre-orders through the company’s website, however, will only begin on 26 January 2018. Any bottles not sold by 2 February, will then be available on a first come first serve basis at physical store. The good news is that they do offer international shipping, making this item available to most fans around the world.

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