From the news of a “first for the franchise” Season Pass to a heartfelt apology and delay, Final Fantasy XV has been in the media spotlight quite a bit recently. The game is, once again, making deadlines, but this time it is for a rather controversial issue with the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition version of the game.

Square Enix recently revealed that the incredible Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition will not include the Season Pass. Yes, the $270 USD (Almost R4000 ZAR) Ultimate Collector’s Edition requires gamers to shell out even more money for all of the season pass content.

Square quietly gave one curious fan the bad news via a Q&A from the official Final Fantasy XV Twitter on 18 August 2016.

The Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition is the most expensive package of them all. However, not including a Season Pass really does not make it an “Ultimate” package, does it?

This is a strange move on Square’s part given the amount of extras that the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition includes. The package includes a 192 page hardcover art book, a Play Arts Kai Noctis figurine, the Kingsglaive movie, as well as the entire season of Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood. Moreover, the Ultimate Collector’s Edition will have a unique weapon skin and travel pack.

Square Enix advertised that there would only be 30 000 copies of the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition available worldwide. The initial batch sold out within half an hour. Thankfully, Square Enix has promised to produce more, but they will not be available by the launch date. Gamers who still want this edition of the game can add their names to the waiting list directly via the Square Enix online store.

Although not including a Season Pass in collector’s editions is often standard practice, it really is just the cherry on the top of disappointment for fans. The Final Fantasy XV Season Pass includes exclusive quests dubbed “Episodes”. Fans who wants it and who splurge for the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition, will have to pay an extra $25 USD on top of the $270 USD purchase. Frankly, that is simply ridiculous.

Following a recent delay, Final Fantasy XV is now due for release from the 29 November 2016. It will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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