To procrastinate is to ‘delay or postpone action; put-off something’. For all intent and purpose, procrastination is the prelude to productivity. So what kind of procrastinator are you?

The interesting part about procrastination is that it can manifest in many different ways. From spurring a bout of spring cleaning to getting lost on the weird side of YouTube, almost any non productive endeavour can contribute to the cause. Everyone, at some point in their life, has been a procrastinator.

The animators at Twenty Pixels have illustrated a great graphic representing some of the most popular forms of procrastination, many of which I know I am guilty of doing.

How do you procrastinate? What kind of procrastinator are you? Share your secrets in the comments below.

Vamers - Humour - WHat Kind of Procrastinator Are You - Full Comic by 20PX

[Source: Twenty Pixels]

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