Deadpool’s favourite food is a Chimichanga (deep fried burrito) and he will take every opportunity to let you know how delicious and moist he likes to have them. Speaking of, have you entered our Win With Vamers Deadpool Edition competition? You could win great prizes by telling us what ingredients you would put in your own Chimichanga.

Chimichanga’s aside, there is no denying that “food is life”. At least it is here at the Vamers Studio, which is why this Deadpool themed pizza is high up on our list of ‘Geek inspired Food’ items to cook/bake and enjoy.

Vamers - Geekosphere - Food - Forget Chimichangas, Here's Hot to Make a Deadpool Themed Pizza - 02

In celebration of America’s ‘National Pizza Day’ on 9th February 2016, baker Rosanna Pansino made a deliciously awesome and simple Deadpool themed pepperoni (salami) and black olive pizza.

To make matters tastier, Rosanna even went so far as to produce a full-on instructional video as a part of her “Nerdy Nummies” segment on her channel. Enjoy!

[Source: YouTube]

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