Whether you have been living in solitude, amongst roommates, or with your significant other, chances are you have wondered how the heck you would be able to stay rona free, even while doing the deed! No? Only me? Regardless of whether you are practising safe sex or not during the pandemic, Harvard University wrote a report on what they think are the best ways to stay safe, while doing the dirty. I will be remiss to not say how Intimacy, sex, and COVID-19 together make for one interesting read!

Doctor of Medicine Huma Farid detailed the nuances of getting down and dirty, and how it is affected by things like the Novel Coronavirus. For those who do not know, the coronavirus spreads incredibly easily by touch. It is carried in respiratory droplets, which means coughing and sneezing can easily infect others. It is also carried in all kinds of other bodily fluid, such as semen, saliva, and faeces. Fortunately, it is still a mystery on whether vaginal fluids can carry the virus. In short, close contact with anyone, regardless of who they are or how safe they have been, runs the risk of infection… but what if you want to go ahead and do it anyway?

As luck may have it, partners who live together and stay together, and those of you who hardly ever go out, are perfectly safe and can continue as per usual. Anyone else, however, may have a bit of a tougher time. In the report, Hamad details how six feet of separation is required to adhere to social distancing. This means masturbation, phone sex, and using sex toys is perfectly acceptable. Actual sex, however, not so much. Hamad’s report suggests partners who do have sex, try to do so while wearing masks, practice safe sex, and to always shower after the fact. The report also suggests using contraception if you do not plan to conceive.

Now, this is all good and well. Essentially, the report says nothing we do not already know, save for the fact that it still recommends bedroom partners wear masks. However, upon reading the report it got me thinking about how safe one could be during this pandemic. What other ways are out there, that may allow people to stay sexually satisfied, as well as safe?

I may not be a doctor, but I presume using blow-up dolls will have the same effect as sex toys. Another great way to get past the whole mask aspect is to just ignore it altogether! Tell your partner to go down on all-fours, and go at it Doggystyle, for example. While many sexual positions are essentially off-limits thanks to the saliva/semen and no face-touchy rules, Doggystyle, missionary, and cowgirl/boy positions should be safe[r] and included in the book of the Ronasutra… but that is just my humble opinion.

Whether you are staying as safe as possible, or have chosen to ignore the facts because they simply do not apply to you (living with SO – never travelling or leaving home), chances are some Ronasutra may do you some good!

Source: Harvard Health Publishing

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