For gamers, whether hardcore or casual, and stoic scholars alike; there is nothing better than hanging back in a comfortable gaming chair with some Lo-Fi beats and good “vibes”. This is exactly the kind of aesthetic Logitech G have aimed for with the Logitech G Aurora Collection and they have hit the mark with aplomb. The Logitech G713 wired gaming keyboard focuses on comfort above all else, with a collection of features setting it apart from anything else the company has on offer. It is just a shame how its cost of entry is so steep. 

Presentation is the Aurora Collection’s most striking feature. From its highly recyclable packaging, through to the hardware and even the uniquely squishy palm rest; floating amongst the clouds is a clear theme with the Logitech G713. The keyboard comes in a compact, 87-key Tenkeyless (TKL) body with soft white and cream colours prevailing over its many hard plastic bits. While hard plastic, the painted texture of its keycaps make them all feel soft to the touch, and the keyboard’s overall individually-lit Logitech LIGHTSYNC RGB backlighting simply astonishes with every cycle. 

Similar to the Aurora Collection gaming mouse, the Logitech G713 features a magnetic faceplate. This faceplate can be removed with ease and replaced with others available on the Logitech G website and affiliate stores. The keyboard also features dedicated media controls, such as a volume rocker on the top right, a pause/play button, and two skip buttons. The opposite end of the keyboard features a silver Logitech G logo, a backlight brightness button, and the indomitable Logitech G “gaming” button. The front of the keyboard is mostly clear of anything, except for a singular USB-C port used to connect the keyboard to a computer; while the bottom of the keyboard features two sets of feet at the top with differing elevations. 

In terms of accessories, the Logitech G713 comes with an additional palm rest. Pretty much on-brand for the Logitech G Aurora Collection, it also comes in the form of a cloudy, bubble-like, cushion. At first glance, it feels less thick and sturdy than the normal rests Logitech G includes with their premium keyboards. Even so, it performed well and never resulted in tired or painful wrists the way other palm rests tend to do. The keyboard also includes a 1.8m long USB-C cable terminating in a USB-A connection. The version received for review also came with the default white faceplate.

Apart from the keyboard’s unique faceplate and pastel coloured variants, prospective users can also choose between two switch types. Linear Logitech GX switches offer a smooth experience with no discernable actuation. This means keys can be bottomed out much easier, but will also make less of a noise when tapped. “Clicky” Logitech GX switches, on the other hand, offer a little “bump” when pressed – usually at the same time actuation occurs. This might make a little more noise, but it encourages users to not bottom their keys out when typing or gaming. It also feels much more natural to work with, which is perfect for any gamer who also likes to dabble in long-form written content. Furthermore, all GX Mechanical switches are interchangeable with any third-party keycap based on the iconic Cherry MX design.

While the Logitech G713 focuses comfort above all else, it is still a notable gaming keyboard with all of the features a gamer can ask for. While Logitech G does not actively advertise the kind of anti-ghosting the keyboard features, no key presses were ever echoed or multiplied during the review period (whether gaming or otherwise). While plug-and-play is more than adequate, it must also be mentioned how the keyboard can reach its full potential through use of Logitech G Hub, the manufacturer’s in-house software suite. In using Logitech G Hub, users can set macros, change what the “gaming” button does, and even set up gaming-specific lighting and macro profiles. However, there is no denying just how remarkable the default visual settings are with slow pulses and a ‘floaty’ aesthetic. 

When push comes to shove, the Logitech G713 is quite the trendsetter. It comes with a plethora of features seen in other premium gaming keyboards, and its RGB backlighting system is something wholly next level compared to what Logitech G fans have seen before. It also looks incredible with its “floaty” cloud-like design whilst also feeling incredible to the touch. The only issue, then, comes by way of the Logitech G713’s cost. With a recommended retail price of $169 USD (or your regional equivalent), it is a price bracket featuring many other keyboards; many of which are just as good (from Logitech G, even). Even with the steep price tag, however, it is just too unique and too much of an enjoyable product not to recommend! While not “life changing” as the likes of the Aurora Collection mouse, it most certainly is one heck of a good keyboard. 



Unique designPricey
Feels good to hold and touchOnly comes in a TKL variant
RGB backlighting enhances designWired only

Device temporarily provided for review by Logitech G.

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