All Ubisoft games carrying the Tom Clancy name are expected to have some semblance of military realism. Their premise may be far-fetched at best, but as long as the research has been done into military tactics and gunplay, Tom Clancy would be proud. The recent Ghost Recon video games have been huge successes both commercially and critically. In them you play as Nomad and his team of Ghosts – elite agents trained in military tactics, infiltration and reconnaissance. They are also all-around badasses! Now you too can look as good as the Ghosts with Nomad’s workout, a core part of the Ghost Recon workout regime.

As we all stay home and do our part to flatten the curve of infections, video game companies want us to make the most of our time. Not only have many offered free weekends and discounts to gamers, but they also want you to stay fit! There is reason to believe staying home will make you more susceptible to snacking and lazying about instead of adhering to strict workout regimes. Maybe that can change when you only have to keep busy for 15 minutes! Nomad’s workout includes a bunch of “apartment-friendly” exercises to ‘keep you fit’ and perhaps even get a bit of a buff in the process. After all, characters who take part in any Ghost Recon workout regime must be worth their salt.

Source Ubisoft

Ubsoft says Nomad’s workout was reviewed by their military advisors, and is therefore quite intense. It obviously goes without saying how caution needs to be applied when trying this or any of the Ghost Recon workout regimes. Anyone with pre-existing medical conditions should hold back or refrain from the workout. Better safe than sorry! If you are keen to go ahead, we have the entirety of Nomad’s workout right here for your convenience:

Nomad’s 15-minute workout routine

Repeat the routine 3 times over, with increasing intensities as you complete this Ghost Recon workout regime.

MILDWarm-up pace
INTENSESpeed things up, without going overboard

Always choose form over speed. If you start losing composure and precision in your movements, then it is time to take a break.

Have a glass of water next to you for hydration, and a towel for the planks.

JUMPING JACKS – 30 seconds

Jump up and down, closing and opening your legs repeatedly. Your arms lift when you open your legs and come back down when you close them. Keep the arms straight, bend the knees slightly to land softly.

SQUATS – 30 seconds

Open your legs, not too wide. Bend your knees while pushing the butt back. Keep the back straight, and the knees behind the toes.


Get into elbow-plank position. Lift and bring your right leg to your right side, at the hip level, as if you wanted to bring your knee to your elbow. Bring it back down and alternate the with the left leg repeatedly.


Get into the full plank position, with the arms straight. Bring your right leg to your right elbow, squeezing the abs to keep the feet from touching the ground. Then switch sides – left knee goes to the left elbow – and repeat.

HEISMAN – 30 seconds

Open your legs, bend the knees and lean slightly forward. From there, lift your legs right and left, jumping from side to side. Keep the abdominal belt tight, bend the knees to land.

HIGH KNEES – 30 seconds

Keeping the back straight, alternate lifting your knees to hip-level. Do not lean back, lift with your abs, use your arms for stability.

BUTT KICKS – 30 seconds

Run in the same spot, lifting your heels further back as if you wanted them to hit your butt. Keep the back straight, lean slightly forward.

PUSH-UPS – 30 seconds

Get into full plank position. Place your hands below your chest, at a distance slightly wider than your shoulders’ width. Then bring your chest down, 2-3 centimetres above ground, and back up. If you are new to push-ups, we recommend you start on your knees.

SKI JUMPS – 30 seconds

Bring the feet together. Bend your knees, push your butt back. From there, jump side to side, as if skiing down a slope. Keep facing forward at all time, do not twist. Jump from the bottom, use your arms for stability and impulsion.

Rest and Stretch

Stretch for 1 minute and 30 seconds after completing the routine the third time. Focus on your legs and abdominal muscles.

Whether you are a Ghost in training, or a stay-at-home parent just looking to tone those buttocks, chances are the workout above will work for you. I particularly love how Ubisoft gave the workout a “difficulty curve” of sorts as the intensity of the routine raises. They were also nice enough to give us an infographic with all the steps. Print this out and keep it somewhere safe if you end up liking this Ghost Recon workout regime!

Source: Ghost-Recon (official site), Howcast (YouTube)

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