Rainbow Six Siege, the popular tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft, recently launched its latest season: Operation Dread Factor. Longstanding players will finally see some of their most sought-after features brought to fruition, while the second season of year eight also introduces exciting new additions. Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor brings a new Defender, a map rework, and several new features and enhancements to the game. Here is a summary of what Operation Dread Factor has to offer, as well as an entertaining anime short.

Fenrir: Sweden’s Mighty Defender

The new Defender joining Team Rainbow is Fenrir, a former member of the Swedish Special Operations Group (SOG). Fenrir is an expert in psychological warfare and neurotoxicology. His gadget, the Neurotoxin Mine, induces fear and impairs the vision of his enemies. It is a small device that can be attached to any surface and triggered by proximity or manual detonation. When activated, it releases a cloud of neurotoxin affecting anyone within its radius, causing them to experience hallucinations, blurred vision, and increased heartbeat. Fenrir can use his gadget to disorient and distract his opponents, making them vulnerable to his attacks or teammate ambushes. In testing, it is incredibly useful in tighter corridors or maps where eyesight may not be readily available to all defending operators.

Moreover, Fenrir comes equipped with two primary weapons: the KSG-12 shotgun and the AK-5C assault rifle; as well as two secondary weapons: the P226 Mk 25 pistol and the C75 Auto machine pistol. His gadgets include the Impact Grenade and the Bulletproof Camera. In terms of performance, Fenrir is a two-speed, two-armor operator who can adapt to different situations and playstyles, making him an easier operator to learn.

Consulate: The Map Rework

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor brings gods and monsters to the field as Fenrir joins the fray for the second season of year eight.

Payers can also expect an entire map rework from the latest season, and the map receiving a rework in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor is none other than the OG map, Consulate. At its core, Consulate is based on a French consulate building in Ivory Coast, and it features four floors with multiple rooms and varying corridors. The rework aims to improve the gameplay and aesthetics of the map, as well as to address some of the issues and feedback from the players.

Some of the changes made to Consulate are:

  • The addition of a new skylight above the spiral staircase, which provides more verticality and angles for attackers.
  • The relocation of the bathroom bomb site to the press room, which offers more space and cover for defenders.
  • The expansion of the basement area, which adds more rooms and entry points for attackers.
  • The redesign of some of the windows and doors, which reduces the spawn peeking opportunities for defenders.
  • The improvement of the lighting and textures, which enhances the visual quality and clarity of the map.

Shooting Range: The New Enhancements and Features

One of the highly sought after new features added in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor is the Shooting Range! Here, players can practice their aim and skills in both solo and co-op mode. The Shooting Range is located in Hereford Base, and it offers various targets and scenarios for players to test their abilities. Players can access the Shooting Range from the main menu or from the operator selection screen.

Some of the enhancements and features added to the Shooting Range are:

  • A new aiming lane that allows customization of target speed, movement, and quantity.
  • A new grenade range that allows practice of throwing grenades and other throwable gadgets.
  • A new obstacle course that challenges players to complete various tasks while moving through different environments.
  • A new leaderboard that tracks and compares players’ performance and scores in the Shooting Range.
  • A new tutorial that guides players through the basics and advanced techniques of Rainbow Six Siege.

Permanent Arcade Playlist: The New Game Mode

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor brings gods and monsters to the field as Fenrir joins the fray for the second season of year eight.

Another wanted feature introduced in Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor is the Permanent Arcade playlist. This playlist includes many favorite modes from previous seasons. Through it, players can expect a more casual game mode offering fun and creative variations of the standard gameplay. The Permanent Arcade Playlist can be accessed from the main menu or from the quick match screen.

Some of the modes included in the Permanent Arcade playlist at launch are:

  • Headshot: where only headshots deal damage.
  • Golden Gun: where players use a golden D-50 pistol that kills with one shot but has to be reloaded after each shot.
  • Attrition: where players lose one operator from their roster after each round.
  • Stolen Goods: where attackers have to steal cash bags from defenders while avoiding traps.
  • Grand Larceny: where players use shotguns and can destroy most of the floor.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Dread Factor is a season offering a lot of new content and improvements for Rainbow Six Siege fans. Whether you want to try out Fenrir’s gadget, explore Consulate’s rework, practice your skills in the Shooting Range, or have some fun in the Permanent Arcade playlist, there is something for everyone in this season.

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