Whether you want to admit it or not, stereotypes are everywhere. Regardless of skin colour, gender, and even love or hate for certain consoles and mobile phones, chances are that you have been stereotyped before. Well, if you are an Overwatch player, you might very well be stereotyped once more, and the truth may hurt. This Overwatch Stereotypes video series embodies so much of what we have all done at least once before.

YouTuber TrainOW describes himself as a “Gamer, Gun Syncer, Unorganized Memer” who specialises in Overwatch and “cringy” gaming videos. His usual videos range anywhere from random Overwatch montages to list-type videos, such as “50 Ways to be Eliminated in Overwatch”. When he is not making those videos, however, he is actively recording and editing footage for an ongoing series known as ‘Overwatch Stereotypes’.

The first video in the series, which was uploaded on 12 March 2018, lists and showcases the many typical players that play the game. It starts off with “The Leaver” – a player who commonly leaves a competitive match right as it is about to start. This results in everyone being forced to wait for another queued match to begin. What a d-bag, right? Probably not as bad as the “Spawn Camper”, who typically camps enemy spawn points in order to grief them until they either rage or lose the match.

TrainOW released the second video a month later, probably due to that sudden surge of amazing YouTube money… or probably because his vocal comments section would not keep quiet about wanting another one. Either way, Overwatch Stereotypes is better than the first in that it contains many of the stereotypes I have seen during my time with the game.

About midway through the video, TrainOW showcases “The Clutcher”, a player who wins the game at the last second (during a clutch situation). While I have never been The Clutcher on a console, I have been on both ends of the line. Similarly, I have also been in the crosshairs of “The Trickshooter 2” – a Widow player who loves to headshot in midair, right after a grapple. Seeing the deathcam, in this case, tends to infuriate me since I will never be able to get that good. Then again, I could have been that one guy who “Ults From the Spawn Point”… what a joke. Pls don’t hax me.

Yet again, around a month later, TrainOW released the third video in the series. This one starts off with “The Booster”, who is usually a bad player, that then pays top-ranked players (usually from the South East Asian regions) to play their accounts until they themselves end up in higher ranks. While casual players will only benefit from the higher rank Season rewards, players who typically boost are usually the kinds of players who like to show off in unranked matches.

Besides that, the third Overwatch Stereotypes video then carries on to an Overwatch player I have never seen before, but would likely want to shoot the moment I had: “The Memer”. These players are probably the very same ones who make “Silly Overwatch Videos”. The video also shows “The Guy Who Falls Off The Map”. Yeah, totally guilty of that one; and the “Guy Who Does Nothing”. No explanation needed, other than that there is a special place reserved in hell for those.

The Overwatch Stereotypes series admittedly goes a tiny bit above and beyond the usual player stereotypes and showcases some of the extreme stereotypical players you will encounter. More’s the pity, as it is an entertaining series, nonetheless. I for one cannot wait for the fourth part to be uploaded.

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