First Overwatch, now League of Legends. More and more gaming brands are climbing on the geek chic bandwagon and we could not be happier. The newest big gaming brand to get into the chic clothing space is Nintendo’s very own plumber extraordinaire, Mario! The Levis x Super Mario deal brings the iconic character to life with a collection of some of the most on-brand items we have ever seen.

Levis is no stranger to collaborations. Levis x Super Mario follows a long line of collaborations with brands like Futura Laboratories, Denim Tears, and BAPE. Until now, however, the American denim (read: jeans) company has steered clear of the gaming realm. What better brand, then, to introduce the fashionable designers at Levi Strauss & Co. to a whole new world of possibilities than Nintendo? Somehow it simultaneously makes perfect sense and none at all!

The collaboration comes after a long string of tweets between both the clothing brand and various Nintendo officials. At first, we thought this may have been an April fools joke. As April fools came to a close, however, it was revealed that the Levis x Super Mario collaboration is real, and my gosh it is the best collab between geek and chic we have seen to date.

Notable Items from the collection include a denim jacket featuring patches of iconic figures and items from Super Mario. There is also a pair of Levis 501 jeans with “Power Up!” embroidered on the insides of the legs; blue, red, and white hoodies that feature Mario and friends, and even tote bags. The cream of the crop, however, is undoubtedly the most on-brand geek chic item we have ever seen come out of a collab: Super Mario themed overalls!

Pricing for the Levis x Super Mario collaboration is not bad either, all things considering. T-shirts start at around $50 USD, while tote bags start at $40 USD and hoodies begin at $65 USD. If you want to spend a lot of money, the trucker jackets and overalls will satisfy your wallet’s cravings. A limited print trucker jacket and the most amazing overall (dungarees) both start at $148 USD. While it seems expensive, it should be noted that these prices fall in line with the average pricing of popular streamer/content creator/or influencer merchandise. To make things even better on your wallet, Levis also offers multiple month payment plans — perfect for the overall in particular since it has not yet been released!

While I am not the biggest fan of branded clothing, there is something to be said about the Levis x Super Mario overall. It joins my ever-growing list of “branded clothing I just might shell out money for” – yay capitalism! Jokes aside, I must mention how great it is for gaming brands and luxury chic to finally meet this way. Whether it is by making a banger of a mixed K-pop/J-pop/English song and releasing apparel around that, like League of Legends, or popularising the esports aspects of the game like Overwatch, these are all steps in an amazing direction. Now let me stop waffling on in the event I might be tempted to spend some money today.

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