At Vamers we all like to dress in our favourite gaming apparel, while staying as chic and classy as possible. A good sense of style is not just a choice, after all, it is a way of life! That must certainly be what Louis Vuitton thought when they decided to work with League of Legends to bring you one of the most expensive pieces of gaming apparel I have ever seen! Meet the Louis Vuitton X League of Legends Hoodie. Spoiler alert: it is only the second-most expensive item in this collection.

At over US $2000, it is expensive, right? Not when your whole identity is at stake, mom!

While I am poking fun, I must admit there will likely never be a better way to express your love for Riot Games‘ hit game, more so than buying an awfully overpriced hoodie for it… and it is not even the most expensive piece of clothing from the Louis Vuitton X League of Legends Collection!

Early in 2019, Riot Games and Louis Vuitton announced a collaboration of sorts would come to fruition, and now we know the exact details of this most ingenious crossover. The LVXLOL Collection includes a wide variety of items. This includes clothing, jewellery, shoes, and other accessories. My wallet is weeping as I type this.

While expensive, the least pricey items of the lot fall within the accessories category. Accessories include the Monogram BB Bandeau for $170; a Louis Vuitton Diamond Bracelet coming in at $345, or a Qiyana Bag Charm for the small price of $515.

Apparel, on the other hand, is where the prices start to rise exponentially. The cheapest option in this category is a Qiyana T-shirt for $670. From there, LOL fans can expect to pay up to $1 010 for a tiger stripe shirt; $1 610 for a pair of joggers; a $2 280 USD Fitted Dress; and the striped hoodie for the cool price of $2 420.

The LVXLOL Collection also features a number of shoes ranging from $1 060 to $1 300; Shawls will set you back no more than $875, and there is even a bumbag for only $1 890! Talk about the ultimate dad fashion, am I right?

Honestly, this Louis Vuitton X League of Legends Collection is quite an impressive collaboration. Riot Games are clearly at peace with their fanbase and the gamers surrounding them. From an incredible mixed-language music video and the ultimate singer/songwriter colab in 2018, to this Geek Chic collection of note; all bets are on what is next. Now excuse me while I go and take out a bank loan for that hoodie.

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