Glossy, white and shaped like an apple with a bite taken out of it. Apple stickers are unmistakable and immediately identifiable. They are small iconic motifs that have been carefully included in the box of all new Apple products. What purpose these stickers serve has long been debated.

For the most part, these stickers have been used as signifiers for Apple users to proclaim their willingness to purchase Cupertino’s latest products. Often found on motor vehicles next to those ‘family’ stickers. However, these glossy embellishments can be used for more than just a cursory nod to other Apple users. With some thought, Apple stickers can be quite useful. Especially for people who prefer to remain within Apple’s ecosystem.

Hard drive label

It is no secret that Apple and Microsoft use proprietary file formats for their respective operating systems. However, this can be an issue for people who work on both – especially if they use portable media. One of the easiest and most obvious applications of Apple stickers is using them to signify if a storage device has been formatted for MacOS or not.

Many of us use a of a lot of external drives. Content creators and industry professionals even more so. Sticking an Apple sticker on an Apple formatted drive can prevent using the incorrect drive with your Mac. Thus saving time and reducing frustrations arising from connecting the wrong drive with the wrong operating system. The same reasoning applies to a Hackintosh build featuring a Windows and a MacOS dualboot setup.

Glass door sticker

Glass doors and large single-pane windows are not only stylish and modern ways to make your home and/or office look good, but also neat ways to stay connected to the outside, while enjoying the sanctity of the indoors. Often times children (and sometimes even adults) may walk into them, thinking they are open.

Using your cool new Apple stickers as a glass door sticker is an ingenious way to indicate whether it is open or closed. If there are a few younger members of the family in the household, putting the stickers at head height might ease some of the pain from the clear curse of clean windows. Plus they look cool, so that works in everyone’s favour.

Luggage/baggage labels

Rule number one for traveling is to always label your luggage. Many travelers will often come up with the most creative ways to make their bags their own. These methods sometimes entail a lot of effort, and or money wasted — we do not want to spend any more money than the few thousand bucks we just spent on a new Macbook, right? Getting a keychain label will often result in your luggage being stolen anyway, while wrapping it in big plastic tape just looks gaudy.

Slapping your Apple sticker on your luggage, however, works quite well! Apple stickers are quite robust, and always appear to stick consistently to just about any material. This means you can stick them to material bags (such as laptop bags), or big luggage (for when you travel), to indicate they are yours. Better still is how you can easily write on any Apple sticker you find. Just grab a permanent marker, and make your sticker unique. Whether with your name and phone number or some graffiti, the choice is yours!


Nipple Stickers

Right. We have all been there. You know, behind the camera, taking hot footage of some topless hunk and/or slay queen, without thinking about the budget for censoring their beautiful nips! No? Is it just us? Okay then.

Regardless! Whether you want to make a quick Instagram weight-loss progression post, or cover those pointy lil’ thangs up for a body painting competition, Apple stickers remain a quick and easy solution! Simply slap them on your nips, and enjoy your new Apple inspired aesthetic. With that said, humans come in all shapes and sizes. Naturally, so do breasts, nipples, and the areolae. iPads and MacBooks come with larger Apple stickers that may even cover the entire area! What a time to be an Apple fanboy!

There you go folks. Whether you are an IT wizard with a lot of hard drives, live in a glass house with your thirteen ghostly siblings, or love traveling and covering nipples, you can be rest assured that Apple has your back – or nips. You get what we mean.

Do you have any creative ways to use your Apple stickers? Let us know below!

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