As you probably already know, Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, as well as the iPhone X (pronounced ‘ten’). Each of the new phones look fantastic, except for one little hindrance: the iPhone X has an “entry (64 GB)” price point that is a whopping $999 USD.

While local pricing has not yet been revealed, it will, without a doubt, be extremely expensive (we estimate over the R25 000 mark). With this in mind, Oglivy and Gumtree came up with a quick and easy way to help you on the path toward funding your very own future iPhone X. Simply put, sell your old goods to fund your new purchases.

First and foremost, you have to realise that funding your future iPhone will probably mean getting rid of your current iPhone. That means that you cannot give it to a family member, or keep it as a backup. The reason for this is that you need to sell your old iPhone(s) to have your bank account affected as little as possible for when you inevitably purchase your brand new iPhone X.

According to Claire Cobbledick, Head Of Core Business at Gumtree South Africa, not many South Africans appreciate the value of their old Apple devices. This is entirely true, as so many of us have iPhones lying around in desk drawers, gathering dust (I am looking at you, Hans), while they can be sold for upwards of R4 500 ZAR – which is pretty decent. According to Cobbledick, the money earned from selling old Apple hardware can represent a significant subsidy for the purchase of a new iPhone.

It goes without saying that most people are more than happy with just about any phone, especially if it is an iPhone (the brand has immense purchasing power). Naturally, I am not talking about techies here, since we always want the latest and greatest. More so, I am referring to the normal “Joe soap” who just needs a good phone to use. This is why many people flock to Gumtree to find those ‘near perfect’ second-hand gifts for family and friends who are not that tech savvy.

With that said, and for reference, a perfectly good iPhone 4S, which is arguably Apple’s best-designed iPhone, can be bought for just R2 000 ZAR. Yes, the phone is definitely long in the tooth by current standards, but it is still a decent performer given its age (I still know a few people who use them as daily drivers). On the other hand, many people adore the design of the iPhone 4, citing how it revolutionised the industry with its stainless steel and glass unibody design. As such, the iPhone 4 often resales for close to R5 000 ZAR (a crazy high amount for such an old phone). This means that, if you have an iPhone 4 lying around for aesthetic purposes, you can essentially get exactly the same design with the iPhone 4s, and walk away with an extra two-thousand bucks in your pocket!

Right about now, I wish I had an iPhone 4 to sell so I can fund the iPhone X in my near future – simply because its resale value is very impressive. Rather, I have an iPhone 6 Plus, which should benefit me even more. In fact, just to make things easier, we have listed all of the current Apple iPhones available via Gumtree below, along with the average amount you could possibly sell them for.

Average price of used iPhones on Gumtree

  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus (256 GB) – R13 000
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) – R12 000
  • Apple iPhone 7 (256 GB) – R12 000
  • Apple iPhone 7 (128 GB) – R10 000
  • Apple iPhone 7 (32 GB) – R8 000
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (128 GB) – R8 500
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (64 GB) – R6 000
  • Apple iPhone 6 (128 GB) – R7 200
  • Apple iPhone 6 (64 GB) – R5000
  • Apple iPhone 5s – R4 300
  • Apple iPhone 5c – R3 575
  • Apple iPhone 5 – R3 300
  • Apple iPhone 4s – R2 000
  • Apple iPhone 4 – R5 000

Are you willing to part with your current iPhone in order to upgrade to the iPhone X? Let us know in the comments.

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