With the loot box debacle finally over and done with, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition for everyone who has not yet picked up the game yet.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition packages the main game with the full Expansion Pass. This includes all paid downloadable content, free upgrades and improvements the game has seen since release.

For reference, players can expect additional missions, playable characters, weapons, abilities and even enemy types and new regions previously featured in expansions. All of this, and more, is now basically baked into the core experience of the game. The main campaign, for instance, is expanded upon in the Blade of Galadriel and Desolation of Mordor expansions. The Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition makes it one seamless experience.

Similarly, the Nemesis System has also been expanded upon extensively in the game’s short run. Players who get the Definitive Edition can expect two more Orc tribes that were formerly part of the Slaughter Tribe and Outlaw Tribe content.

Recently, Warner Bros. and Monolith Productions announced that an entirely reworked Shadow Wars would come to the game. That is also a part of the Definitive Edition. The reworked and now-renamed Epilogue is narrated by Shelob, the Witch-king, and Dark Talion. It also rewards players with Masks of the Nazgul, if they decide to take part in open world events during the Epilogue.

The Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition also includes an updated Follower level cap. The level cap is increased to level 80, while the game is balanced to reward players with greater experience rewards. The game also features an Endless Siege mode that allows Talion to defend his fortresses against never-ending waves of Sauron’s forces. The game also recently received two more difficulty levels that offer an increased challenge.

While it is explicitly stated, Middle-earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition is essentially the Game of the Year version. It includes pretty much every content pack released since the game launched in 2017. As with the standard version, it is also on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. This definitive edition version of the game is due for release on 28 August 2018.

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