Gru’s Minions are very popular and continue to feature in unique and interesting fan mash-ups. However, the following crossover between Despicable Me’s minions and Chuck Lorre’s The Big Bang Theory is hands down one of my absolute favourites. I would totally watch a Big Minion Theory television series.

Artist Bruno Clasca has captured the essence of each character from The Big Bang Theory perfectly as minions. From Howard’s boyish haircut and Raj’s colourful sweaters, to Sheldon’s ‘The Flash‘ t-shirt and Penny’s unadulterated ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude; these Big Minion Theory caricatures are unmistakable as the cast of television’s funniest geeks.

Vamers - Artistry - The Big Minion Theory - Gru's Minions Mash-Up with The Big Bang Theory - By Bruno Clasca

[Source: Bruno Clasca]

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