Rick and Morty (2013) is an adult oriented cartoon series that is essentially an animated parody of Steven Spielberg’s classic Back to the Future (1985). The show is basically about a crazy old scientist named Rick, who drags his grandson Morty into his weird, wild and fantastic, yet totally dangerous, adventures inside and out of their universe. Rick also just happens to be an alcoholic. It is an adult oriented cartoon, after all. The show also has nothing to do with hip-hop. Yet here we are, with a hilarious and pitch perfect mash-up whereby Rick and Morty meet Kendrick Lamar.

YouTuber Adam Schleichkorn, who goes by the online persona Isthishowyougoviral, is well known for creating mash-ups of anything from The Muppets mashed with Beastie Boys to Warren G ft Nate mashed up with Sesame Street. Given the body of work he has crafted, it is save to assume that he has a preference for merging children’s television series with hip hop. Apparently he has a preference for 90s hip hop, in particular, because he believes that “most rap music today is garbage”. However, his opinion takes a turn when he references Kendrick Lamar, who he says is one of only a handful of artists who has given him some hope for the future of the hip hop genre.

Schleichkorn’s mash-up of Rick and Morty with Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools (Drank)” works very well and makes for quite an entertaining video. The best part is how the voices of the cartoon characters have been synced perfectly with the lyrics and beat of the song making the video one to remember. In fact, I think this mash-up makes for a better music video than Lamar’s original.

If you are keen to check out some more cool mash ups and see how “gangsta” the Sesame Street puppets can really be, check out his YouTube; it is definitely worth the laugh.

[Source: YouTube]

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