The captivating visual below comes from artist Wickfield, and presents a clever and entertaining comparison between two beloved television series: “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “The Big Bang Theory“.

Vamers Humour - Dexter's Laboratory and The Big Bang Theory - Mind equals Blown
[Source: Wickfield]

After the first glance, once the elation of viewing the image for the first time wears off, one might note a logical inconsistency: Dee Dee and Dexter are brother and sister in “Dexter’s Laboratory“, whereas “The Big Bang Theory” features Leonard and Penny in a romantic relationship. However, this juxtaposition is not about the relationships between the characters. Instead it is merely a lighthearted alignment of their personalities and physical traits between the two shows, and should be seen as such.

Upon closer inspection, the parallels drawn become strikingly evident. The characters from each show are matched with their counterparts, based on their distinctive visual characteristics and personality quirks. For instance, Dexter’s intellect and his secret lab endeavours echo the scientific pursuits of Leonard and the other characters from “The Big Bang Theory” who all work at a University. Having Mandark portraying Sheldon is also a perfect match, given the character’s propensity to continuously try and outsmart Dexter.

In fact, this illustration does more than just compare two sets of characters; it showcases the cultural impact and lasting appeal of both shows. “Dexter’s Laboratory“, with its animation and child-genius protagonist, inspired many children in the 90s with its creativity and humour. Similarly, “The Big Bang Theory” through its portrayal of scientists and geek culture, brought a unique and comedic perspective to mainstream television throughout the 00s. Both series have helped pave the way for more mainstream acceptance of popular geek and scientific culture.

This brilliant visual will undoubtedly linger in the minds of fans, a testament to the illustrator’s skill and the deep affection held for these television staples.

[Source: Wickfield]

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