Vamers - Events - E3 2013 - LA Convention Center - Hans posing at the Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters standHowdy everyone. I am officially in Los Angeles and ready for E3. I am proud and very excited to be Vamers’ first, albeit it only, ‘man on the ground’. I will be doing my best to cover what I can, but the show is incomprehensibly immense and it will not be possible for me to cover everything.

Today is a big day and the preliminary start to the opening of E3 on Tuesday. Today we learn about Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft and Nintendo’s E3 plans in detail.

Although I very much want to do live-blogs on Vamers for each of the E3 press conferences that I have been invited to (Microsoft and EA), I realised that it would not be a satisfactory experience for Vamers readers.

Instead, I would highly recommend that the Vamers community tune into either of the highly established IGN or Engadget live feeds.

Having said that, I will be tweeting throughout each event as it happens. So if you like your information in 140 character bites, including pictures and video, then you are welcome to follow me on Twitter: @HansHaupt. My twitter, and the hashtag that I will be using for the duration of E3, has also been embedded below for your convenience.

I will be tweeting live from the Microsoft Xbox One E3 press conference from 19:00 (SA local time) and the EA E3 press conference from 22:00 (SA local time).

Be sure to tune into Vamers this week for hands-on impressions and initial reactions to a variety of E3 content.

Vamers - Events - E3 2013 - LA Convention Center - Entrance to E3 02

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