Doom from Bethesda and iD Software’s has received its final Premium Multiplayer add-on. Titled ‘Bloodfall”, the content includes three new maps, hacking modules, a brand new playable character and a new weapon.

In terms of the three new maps, Empyrian drops you into a crumbling colosseum whereas Boneyard sets you off on a trip to the outer realm of Hell. Outbreak, on the other hand, puts you in a UAC Facility where “otherworldly science” has broken free of its containment.

Obviously, the most important thing added by Bloodfall is the ability to play as a brand new character. Spectre Pinky! As Spectre Pinky, you are fast, nimble and very very armoured. Moreover, you also have spectre abilities. This means that you can go invisible and stalk enemies like the creeper that you are; fire off a Bull Rush that crushes everything in your path; and be an all-out badass.

Bloodfall also adds a new weapon to the game. The grenade launcher allows you to bounce grenades! This way, you can bounce and ricochet grenades over obstacles and around the environment in order to create maximum carnage. Its secondary fire allows you to launch smoke grenades.

Actual equipment, on the other hand, includes Lateral Thrusters and new Cultist Armour themed sets. The Lateral Thrusters will give you a short directional burst of movement; whereas the customisation options added, include 15 new patterns and colours, and four themed sets.

Additionally, Bloodfall’s three new Hack modules include Extra Protection, which lets you gain armour per health pickup; Augmented Healing, which lets you gain extra health per health pickup; and Glory Sight, which highlights enemies that can be glory killed from a bit further away.

The Bloodfall DLC is available right now on all platforms. This includes PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It can be bought for $14.99 USD (~R200.00 ZAR).

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