Sony announced that the Playstation 4 Pro will cater to the demand surrounding 4K content. Bethesda heard the call and are already working on 4K games for the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Elder Scrolls Online will be one of the first titles to get the 4K treatment for the new console.

In a short, but sweet, gameplay trailer, Bethesda is showcasing what the game looks like in glorious Ultra High Definition (UHD). The video is a visual treat. I recommended that you watch the trailer on a monitor capable of 4K video output. Since that is the only way will be able to experience the quality that 4K resolution brings to the table. Moreover, the trailer also showcases the addition of the high-dynamic-range (HDR) imaging that the PlayStationPro supports. Games that take advantage of HDR boast much better contrast and colour, especially at higher resolutions.

Watching the video at 1080p (which is all my internet is capable of) still shows a lot more detail than normal 1080p videos on YouTube. Fortunately, Bethesda has stated that those of us who have not yet adopted UHD do not need to fret. If you do end up getting a new PlayStation 4 Pro, you will still benefit from greater graphical fidelity. This is because the 4K resolution will be downscaled to your monitor’s native resolution. As such, it will look better than a video rendered at that resolution. Think of it as a means of supersampling the image.

Owners of Elder Scrolls Online who will be migrating to the PlayStation 4 Pro will receive a free patch that will add the new UHD and HDR features into the game.

The Playstation 4 Pro releases globally from 10 November 2016. It has a starting price of $399 USD.

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