One of the biggest and most sought-after features in just about every massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) is player housing. I know this, you know this, and it seems that Bethesda Softworks also know this. That is why, in mere months, all denizens of The Elder Scrolls Online overworld will soon be able to buy and customise their own homes in the upcoming ‘Homestead Update’.

The free Homestead update will introduce more than 40 unique homes, and over 2,000 thousand decorative and furniture options. This means that in addition to having an astounding amount of choice on the layout of your home, you will also likely not see the same home decorated the same way anywhere else in the game. That is an amazing amount of customisation!

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When the Homestead update goes live, players will get the ability to complete a new tutorial quest. Completing it will reward players with their own personal space: a quaint little room at the local inn. This will also open up the ability to go bigger. Homes will range from a cosy tree house in Greenshade to a villa in Malabal Tor; whatever your interest, it will be made available for purchase.

All homes will be styled after the races of Tamriel. These homes will also come in both furnished, and unfurnished options. On a post over at the Elder Scrolls Online blogBethesda states that all players can buy all homes, irrespective of race or alliance. The only exception to that rule are Imperial-style homes, that requires you to own the Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online. Moreover, all homes will be located in base-game zones. This means that you do not have to own any downloadable content to purchase a house.

With that out of the way, Bethesda also lists how to actually go about acquiring your new home. It really is quite simple: collect the correct amount of in-game gold, and buy your chosen house! Additionally, homes will also be available to purchase via crowns, Elder Scrolls Online’s premium currency. Moreover, it sounds like homes bought via the Crown store will already be furnished whereas homes bought with gold will need extra moolah for furniture. However, players who buy homes with gold will also first need to “prove” themselves worthy of getting the homes that are already furnished. “No one wants an unhelpful neighbour, after all!” you know, unless you pay real-world money.

Bethesda Softworks stated that the Crown store will receive special properties not available to players who opt not to spend real money on in-game items.

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Additionally, the incredible amount of decorations and furnishings available will ensure that no two homes look the same. Decoration and furniture include all styles, from the exotic lands of the Khajiit to the tribal styles of the Orcish settlements. Players can mix-and-match too! Bethesda recommends a Breton-style home with a combination of Argonian-and Bosmer-styled decor.

All existing trade skills in Elder Scrolls Online will get the ability to craft furniture and decorative items. Most of those items will also be available via the Crown store, and in-game merchant for gold. Moreover, special trophies based on arenas, dungeons, and trials will also be available. These, once earned, can be displayed as special monster-themed busts in your home.

For the lazy folks out there, or those of us who just cannot decorate a home accordingly, fret not! Home Goods Furnishers can further personalise your home with rare and unusual items from the Achievement and Luxury Furnishers. Achievement Furnishers will stock special items that you can buy after completing certain achievements (which will unlock retroactively). Luxury Furnishers, however, will stock exquisite and expensive collections of premium goods. All of these items will only be available for limited times and will rotate.

Other featured of all player-owned homes include:

  • Instanced zones. This means that they are unique zones specially made for the player.
  • Crafted furniture can be sold.
  • Home previews before purchase.
  • Friends and guildmates can join you in your home.
  • Trusted friends can have permanent access to your home, as well as decorative abilities.
  • Additional friends and guildmates can be assigned “decorator” and “visitor” roles.
  • You can fast travel to your home.
  • Homes are secure.
  • Did I mention that you can have pets? You totally can.

The Elder Scrolls Online will get the Homestead update in February 2017. That is merely a few months away! It will be available on PC, MacOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Additionally, the Homestead update will get a stress test and public beta on the Public Test Server in January for PC and MacOS.

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