Three 16-bit Disney classics have just found their way to modern desktops; all thanks to 

Aladdin, The Lion King, and The Jungle Book are once again available for all to enjoy. All three games have been “meticulously updated to be compatible with modern operating systems”. This means that the games are not remasters or complete remakes. Rather they have simply been adapted to work on modern hardware.

GOG’s announcement also has an accompanying trailer that showcases the games in all their 16-bit glory. Retaining their 4:3 aspect ratios, classic soundtracks and pixelated graphics… it makes me giddy with nostalgia all over again.

Essentially, these are exactly the same games as they originally came out on the Sega Genesis in the early 90s. As such, my only concern is whether or not I will actually be able to finish The Lion King this time around. The Lion King first launched in 1994 on both the Genesis and Nintendo’s Super NES. It was the only one of the three titles that I was fortunate enough to play. Westwood Studios, known for their excellent Command & Conquer series, developed this version.

Aladdin originally launched in 1993, and was later ported to the Amiga and Microsoft’s DOS system. It had a different variant that was developed exclusively for the Super NES. The Jungle Book was also released in 1993, on the Sega Master System. Just like Aladdin, The Jungle Book also had other variants that were released on the Genesis and the Super NES. The Jungle Book, and Aladdin were both developed by Virgin Games, in cooperation with Disney.

Each of the 16-bit Disney games are available for $9.99 USD (~R140 ZAR). There is also a bundle available that includes all three games for $19.00 USD (~R280). At the moment there is an added 10% discount to celebrate the launch of these 16-bit Disney games. The titles are available for Linux, PC, and macOS.

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