How adorable is this Disney Princess Emoji backpack? Now everyone can be a Disney princess regardless of whether they have the ability to call upon animals with their honeyed voice like Snow White or scare them away like the Beast. Although I must admit, being able to call animals to help you clean your home would be pretty awesome.

These bags are great, especially when reality kicks in and you realise there is not going to be a prince knocking at your door to see if the glass slipper fits. Honestly, he probably already sold it on some sketchy site to someone who has an obsession with feet. You also begin to realise that letting your hair down to the “supposed love of your life” may not be worth it considering the money you spent on getting those hair extensions put in.

These super adorable Disney Princess Emoji backpacks retail for roughly US $20 and are perfect for all of those unnecessary, yet awesome, Disney items you just “had to buy”. Not only do they bring out a sense of being forever young to fashion, but the vibrant colours make it hard to not sport a big smile all day.

They also seem to be quite practical and are well sized. Although you might not be able to fit one of Snow’s dwarves in it, you will definitely be able to pack in a bunch of Belle’s favourite novels. The Disney Princess Emoji backpack also has an accessible compartment in the front. A perfect spot for your car keys and phone, making it is easy to find them versus digging to the bottom of the bag as if they have fallen into a hole leading to Wonderland.

As a fan of Disney princesses and avocado on toast, I really think these bags are great. Best of all, they give you the freedom to relish in your childish Disney loving ways (you can get this bag directly from Amazon).

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