For the days that shocking pink or plum purple become too mainstream; for the days where you feel flary but flirty in ways only you can understand; for the days when you decide that becoming one with nature is just the absolute way to live; or for those odd but frequent days when you wish to be as vibrant and as colourful as the pop art in a comic book. Those are the days when Andrea Reed’s beautifully geeky Lip-Art becomes the answer to all of your daily struggles.

Reed has an interesting and new outlook on make-up that incorporates fun, exciting and even geeky images into lustrous and eye catching lip-art. Her art varies from fruity looks that are easier on the common eye, to obsessively cool 8-bit and pixelated gaming motifs.

Reed does what most fear to take on by slowly redefining the face of make-up one block at a time, just like in Minecraft. With pixelated lip-art, girls will never lose the attention of their boyfriends again. Talk about the ‘building blocks’ of a relationship!

Some of Reeds work also shows a very raw and unfiltered look that makes one think of make-up in a completely different light. Basically, forget about the set easel and start thinking of your face, especially your lips, as a canvas! Gone are the days of living life in a mundane way, instead we can live on the wild side with these glorious lip-art looks.

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