As we all know, make-up has the ability to transform someone from looking like a Nexu in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones (2002) to the beauty of Nathalie Portman’s Queen Amidala. Best of all, technology has allowed all women to achieve their desired look, all by watching and learning from the myriad of make-up artists and tutorials available online (thank you YouTube).

However, even with every technological advantage and make-up artist lesson, it still does not prevent us ladies from struggling with make-up. Like trying to have our winged eyeliner looking like twin sisters, but the end result makes them look more like unrelated siblings by marriage. Even worse, when you have applied too much highlighter or luminizer and end up walking through the mall looking like a Unicorn gave birth on your face.

Although these make-up faux pas may be true for many woman, *Cough* I’m guilty * Cough*, the same cannot be said for Italian make-up artist and painter, Lucia Pittalis. Her make-up talent is so extreme that she is able to transform herself into movie characters and famous actors, and manages to blow our minds away with every transformation.

Watch below as Lucia Pittalis makes use of wigs, accessories and an incredible amount of make-up skill to transform herself into a variety of well known personalities like the suave James Bond, the ever relevant Meryl Streep and, without a doubt, the absolute highlight of the video being none other than the galaxy’s hunkiest smuggler, Han Solo. Enjoy!

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